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Parent Forum 4 March 2019

06 March 2019

Held at Gosforth Academy

12 parents attended

Representing schools:

Geoff Norris - Chair of Gosforth Academy / Gosforth Junior High Academy and Local Governing Body

George Snaith - Chair of Multi Academy Trust Trustees

Chris Duckett - Director of Communications, teaching and learning


Agenda items

1. major projects

2. governor recruitment

3. leaver destinations

4. yellow week and enrichment



  1. Parents were updated about the progress to date of Gosforth Great Park Academy, the growing Multi Academy trust and our vision for the future. Further details of the transition of Heaton Manor into the trust and of the current bid for a new school in the outer west of Newcastle were shared.
  2. George Snaith explained the new MAT governance structures and timescales with a request for people to consider getting involved.
  3. Details were shared about the destinations of last year’s leavers and there was some discussion around the area of ‘unconditional offers’ made by universities.
  4. There were some specific queries about some 7 up activities made which will be investigated. We hope to have our new co-ordinator of yellow Week and enrichment at the next parent forum to listen to your ideas and answer questions.

Following this parents (once again) asked about the possibility of training days and review days being aligned across the whole pyramid. Chris Duckett explained about the difficulties posed by getting agreement from so many institutions with very different demands - the issue has been raised many times but there has been no agreement reached to date. We will discuss this at the next meeting of Pyramid headteachers and report back at the next forum.

The forum meets next on 8 July 2018 at Gosforth Academy in the Lecture Theatre at 6.30pm . Please email with any suggestions for the agenda. We would also be grateful for any comments you’d like to make in relation to any of the above issues.

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