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Activity and Enterprise week 2019

08 March 2019

During the last week of the summer term (15th July-19th July), pupils get the opportunity to choose an activity for the week. There is a wide range of activities on offer from trips abroad, local trips, sports coaching, drama, music, and many more.  Some of these have a cost, but the vast majority are free for students.  Pupils will get the chance to select their activity close to the May half term, although for some of the trips abroad they will have had to sign up earlier. This would have been made clear to them by their tutor.

Below is a list of activities that are likely to be on offer. This is a fantastic week where pupils get to develop their skills and challenge themselves with new experiences.


Berlin *

Western USA Yellow Week *

San Francisco Yellow Week *

Disneyland Paris Yellow Week *

Life through a lens

The ultimate chocolate experience

Eldon Leisure *

Surfing *

Racquets and clubs *

Football coaching *

Netball world cup *

DofE year 12

Craft week

Outdoor adventure

Wired for sounds

Great gossie bake off

Metro madness

Golf *

Active play

Strategy games for fun

Play/musical in a week

ART week *

VEX robot wars

* Activities have a cost


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