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Principal's Newsletter

05 April 2019

We have come to the end of an extremely busy Spring Term and students and staff are all looking forward to the Easter break.

Year 11

For our Year 11 students the final countdown is on for their GCSE exams which are only 6 weeks away. A substantial amount of the holidays should be set aside for revision. We have some revision sessions running in school throughout the holidays as well as before school, at lunchtime and after school when we come back. Details of all of these can be found attached at the end of this newsletter.

On Friday our Year 11 students took part in a special workshop in conjunction with FutureMe and Northumbria University to help them discover and reinforce the best ways to learn and revise. At this crucial time, we wanted our students to understand the importance of final exam preparation, and give them the tools and advice to allow them to reach their full potential, so that they can leave North Gosforth Academy with a genuine sense of achievement. The workshop's aim was to allow our students to self-reflect, and to inspire them, so that they will be set on the right path at the next stage of their educational journey. Our students know that there are many ways to revise, and which ways will be most effective for them. The advice that they received from the FutureMe team was fantastic, and whichever methods of revision our students choose, North Gosforth Academy will be there to support them.

Year 7 Visit to Beamish Wild

Last Wednesday, a group of our Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy students spent the day completing a series of challenging activities at Beamish Wild. The event, which was organised by both the Newcastle United Foundation and Prince’s Trust, saw our students engaging in high ropes activities throughout the day.

The day started with a The Leap of Faith challenge. Students had to climb up a pole and then jump out over the edge to hit a ball dangling over the ground below.

Our Year 7’s were then challenged to climb the Jacob’s ladder. Congratulations to Mackenzie Bradshaw who rapidly climbed to the top and set the record time for the day.

After lunch, our Year 7’s then took part in crate stacking. Students had to work in pairs to create the highest tower before it fell over. Once again, our students were able to set a record on the day by stacking 11 crates in the time allowed.

Throughout the day, our students showed excellent resilience across the all the activities and were a credit to themselves and the school. Special congratulations go to Luke Cramman and Chloe-Mai Thompson who both showed incredible resilience and bravery to overcome their fear of heights. Well done!



FutureMe Enterprise Challenge

On Friday some of our students were invited to attend the FutureMe Enterprise Challenge in association with the Newcastle United Foundation and the North East Collaborative Outreach Program. The event forms part of our mission at North Gosforth Academy to encourage students to go on to higher education. The scheme challenges young people across the North East to take part in a regional competition and find out more about the business side of our local football clubs through a range of interactive activities from finance to marketing, media to management - all delivered by the people who work at the club itself! Our students explored a range of career opportunities available to them and learned how further and higher education can support them in their journey to achieving their future goals. It was a great success, our students represented the school well, and are now looking forward to the weekly workshops here at NGA, and celebration event held at St. James' Park.

Cyber Security Challenge

Also on Friday a group of Y10 Computer Science students had the opportunity to attend a cyber security event hosted by the North East Regional Special Operations Unit prevent initiative and Cyber Security Challenge UK. During the event students had the chance to speak with specialists in the Cyber Security industry and to experience a variety of activities.

Students where taught about physical security and had a chance to pick a variety of locks, which was lots of fun. They talked to a police officer about the Computer Misuse Act and took part in a Virtual Reality competition, where Liam Ashurst came second. Newcastle University and Accenture were in attendance as were Cyber Discovery, which is a competition some of our students are involved in and have progressed to stage three of four.

Cyber Security is a very interesting field of computer science and the Computing department at NGA hope to inspire students to consider a career in this area by continuing to link with outside agencies and after school clubs.

Gibside ice cream trail

Undeterred by the drizzly weather this term’s science RICH champions headed off with Mrs Johnson and Mrs Long to Gibside on Tuesday. Everyone was buoyant and Curious about what lay ahead. Sitting in the chapel they thought about where the most important members of the family would sit and what might lie in the crypt below. Knowing that fitness would have been needed to move the great blocks of ice used in making cold desserts they challenged themselves on the low ropes. Everyone acted in an Honourable way, waiting for the previous school to finish and then encouraging each other to keep going to complete the course.  A lot of laughing and squeals could be heard and quite a bit of Resilience was demonstrated by some students.

The next challenge was trekking up the long hill to the stables. Here students found out about the family, Bowes who owned Gibside. The cook who would have made the ice cream earned £35 a year, whereas the owner George Bowes had a £2,000 a year income. There was also a villain in the family called Stoney Bowes who was after all the money and locked his wife in a cupboard for 3 days! Everyone showed great Industry and Curiosity discovering what life was like on this grand Georgian estate. Being a bit too chilly for ice-cream they were treated to a hot chocolate!

On the walk down the grand avenue where the race horses exercised they stopped to discuss the features of the ice house where ice was stored and the orangery where peaches and cherries would have been grown for the jellies and ice-creams. Our RICH champions where a real credit to the academy.



After a large amount of money was invested into the school Library this year, we are pleased to announce we have purchased over 200 brand new fiction novels, for all ages, abilities and taste.

We recently launched careers corner in the Library and we now have a whole section on Manga and Graphic Novels, which are proving very popular with students.

The continued investment in the Library is testament to our commitment to improving literacy skills across the school.

We will be launching the NEBA reading group after the holidays to Years 7 and 8, and are expecting it to be as popular as our Year 10 reading group has been.


In follow up to the letter that you received yesterday I’d just like to reassure parents of current Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 that you are not required to purchase new uniform with the new logo until you need to replace the uniform that you have. Until then it is fine for students to wear uniform with the old logo on. This change to uniform was a decision made by the Multi Academy Trust across all four of their schools and I realise this has caused some concern. Please feel free to telephone the school if you would like to discuss this further.

I’d like to finish by reminding parents that when we come back to school on Tuesday 23rd April it will be a Week 2.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Warm regards,

Steve Campbell


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