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Principal's Newsletter

10 May 2019

It seems like a long time since I last wrote. I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter and bank holiday weekend.

GCSE Exams

Exams start on Monday and the last few weeks have been really busy with final preparations and revision sessions for our Year 11 students. Please see below the GCSE exam timetable. To ensure students are completely prepared on the day of each exam, we have also timetabled a pre-exam revision session with the subject teacher immediately before each exam. Your child has been given a timetable with all of the details and you should have now received a letter from Mr Ayres giving specific details on each individual session. Also during the exam period we will be offering all Y11 students a free breakfast from 8am in the Refectory.

Mr Fryer, Head of English, has been putting together a range of revision tips, resources and instructional videos on an academy Instagram page. The students have found this especially useful in helping them prepare for what is ahead. You can find these resources via the link on our website. Follow the page if you would like to keep up to date with what your son or daughter needs to do to conquer their English GCSEs!

We wish all of our students the very best of luck and are sure that their hard work will pay off.

Year 7 Duck Production

Yesterday Year 7 spent the morning taking part in the Duck Enterprise Challenge where the aim was to learn about the world of work in a fun and interactive way by running a virtual business in teams and create origami ducks which could then be sold to a team of buyers.

Using skills that you would find in the business world the teams, which had appointed their own manager, sales exec and buyer, had to source stock material from the shop using a start-up loan. Once they had bought the raw materials they then set up production and created the ducks.



The event also linked in with the academy’s RICH ethos covering all 4 areas:

Resilience - Students worked under pressure to produce a product and also to negotiate a price for the product. They were presented with set-backs that they needed to overcome.

Industrious – Students were shown how to make the product and needed to be able to quickly learn how to do this to the best of their ability. They all needed to work as a team to achieve the most profit.

Curious – As the game developed, students were encouraged to consider the tactics and think about what they needed to do to achieve the most profit.

Honourable – Working as a team, students needed to be mindful of the other members and work towards a common goal (making the most profit). They were also given fines for displaying certain behaviours and they needed to quickly learn how to minimise this and ‘do the right thing’

The sessions were a great way for the students to get a small glimpse of work life and how a business runs and structures itself, and although they are a way off from deciding what future paths they may possibly like to take, it was a valuable experience which they will hopefully take with them. The event was a huge success and the students all really engaged and interacted with the business ambassadors that attended.

Theatre trip

On Wednesday afternoon Students from Year 9 and 10 attended a theatre trip to Northern Stage with Miss Bell and Mr Anderson to watch a performance of 'Noughts & Crosses', a dramatic and gripping story about racism, division and love. The students were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the performance - although there were some tears and hide-behind-your-hands moments as the drama unfolded! Year 10 students will have lots to write about in their GCSE exams, which ask them to evaluate live theatre. 

Upcoming events

Year 8 Parents Evening

Year 8 Parents Evening is on Thursday 16th May between 5 and 7.30pm. You will have the opportunity to meet your child’s subject teachers and discuss your child’s academic performance in all of their subjects. This evening is particularly important as soon Year 8 students will be choosing the Key Stage 4 options that they will study from Year 9 onwards. As such, the evening is also an opportunity to discuss option choices and the suitability of your child undertaking specific subjects. To support this, there will be a presentation for parents and students about the forthcoming options process. It is vital that you attend this presentation at either 5.30pm or 6.00pm in order to support your child in making the right choice at this crucial stage in their education. There will be an options booklet distributed at a later date and your child will meet with senior staff to discuss their option choices later in the summer term.

Parents Forum

Our next Parents Forum will be on Monday 3rd June at 6pm. We see a Parents Forum as an opportunity for all parents’ voices to be heard and so that parents have a chance to be consulted on the academy’s direction of travel.

The forum is not intended to be a place to complain, nor for airing matters about your own child only - as always parents should feel free to contact us about individual concerns they may have at any time.

If you are planning to attend on the 3rd June it is essential that you let Mrs Davies know by emailing or by calling reception on 0191 236 1700  Please also confirm if you have any agenda items you would like to be discussed.


I would like to finish by sharing the brilliant news that we have been successful in our bid for government funding to make improvements to the school. We shall be receiving circa £1 million to invest in repairs to the school’s roofs, windows and other areas which will make a massive improvement to our students learning environment. This is a real vote of confidence from the Department for Education that so much money is being invested in North Gosforth Academy.

I wish you all a lovely weekend,

Warm Regards,

Steve Campbell


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