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Extinction Rebellion are planning a “Go Slow” bike ride on Friday 7th June 2019

05 June 2019

Gosforth Academy will be open tomorrow from 6.30am for Y11 and Y13 students taking exams. Designated study areas will be provided. Breakfast will be provided free of charge for exam students who have travelled to school early to avoid the disruption.

Whilst we are aware of recent reports that this has been postponed, we would still like to offer the above to avoid any unnecessary worry during an important exam period. 


Extinction Rebellion are meeting at 07.00am at the West side of Gosforth Race Course, Newcastle.


07.15am the cyclists will head off from the race course.


Extinction Rebellion will be travelling south along the Great North Road.


07.20am to 07.50am Cyclists joined by walkers at Regent Centre.


Extinction Rebellion will then continue on towards their destination of Newcastle Civic Centre.

08.45am Arrive at Newcastle Civic Centre.

09.30am Event End.

There is potential for travel disruption which may encroach on the rush hour traffic, school children, their families and school staff attending their respective schools. This is likely to affect the Great North Road and the surrounding areas.


There are also a number of external exams being completed by students in Year 11 and Year 13 on Friday. Please allow for additional travelling time in these cases.


If you have any queries about this event please do not hesitate to contact Northumbria Police on 101.



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