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Parents Forum 8th July 2019

17 July 2019

Held at Gosforth Academy
6 parents attended
Representing schools:
Geoff Norris - Chair of Gosforth Academy / Gosforth Junior High Academy Local Governing Body
Chris Duckett - Director of Communications, teaching and learning
Mark Dickinson – associate leader
Lorcan McCloskey – associate leader

Agenda item - Yellow week and enrichment

  1. Parents were updated about the progress to date of Gosforth Great Park Academy, Callerton Academy, the growing Multi Academy trust and our vision for the future. Further details of the transition of Heaton Manor into the trust were shared and its new name: Jesmond Park Academy. Geoff Norris explained about the stop-gap measures we are working on with the local authority to manage demand until the new school building on the Great Park is complete.
  2. Geoff Norris explained the new MAT governance structures and timescales with a request for people to consider getting involved.
  3. Chris Duckett reported back on queries raised at earlier forum meetings about the possibility of training days and review days being aligned across the whole pyramid. Pyramid headteachers discussed the request at length but were unable to reach agreement. It was reported that some have written to their stakeholders explaining the multiple reasons why such parity is not manageable.
  4. Varied concerns were shared about:
  • Set changes
  • Review days [as opposed to subject evenings]
  1. Parents took the opportunity to discuss varied issues about Yellow [activity] week and enrichment with Mark and Lorcan [current and future organisers of these at Gosforth Academy]. These included:
  • Choices and methods of enabling fairness in selecting activities
  • Signposting opportunities
  • Residential visits and their benefits
  • The variety of activities offered both in and out of school
  • How far in advance it is possible to detail the complete offer
  1. Varied other issues were raised including:
  • Parents using mobile phones while driving in Junior High car park
  • Uniform in hot weather
  • Asbestos management #

The forum meets next on 21st October 2019 at Gosforth Junior High Academy in the Main Hall at 6.30pm . Please email with any suggestions for the agenda. We would also be grateful for any comments you’d like to make in relation to any of the above issues.

# Last year, the government launched the asbestos management assurance process to find out more about asbestos in schools. According to information released following a freedom of information request, of the 2,952 schools that responded in full to the survey, 2,570 (87%) reported having asbestos in at least one of their buildings. It is thought that about 90% of school buildings in England contain asbestos, often around pipes and boilers, and in wall and ceiling tiles. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises that it is only a risk if it is disturbed or damaged, which releases fibres into the air. The DfE has now referred 676 state-funded schools and academies in England to the HSE as they did not provide evidence “that they were managing asbestos in line with regulatory requirements”. The HSE will now carry out inspections of some of those schools.

There is no asbestos in Gosforth Junior High Academy. At Gosforth Academy we rigorously monitor and manage the small amount of asbestos containing materials which still exist in our Academy building. All of this is completely sealed and would only become potentially hazardous if disturbed – during significant building work. Such processes would be managed to ensure the complete safety of contractors, staff and students.

The AMP is placed on the staff portal on Frog and the DFE AMAP portal.

We also hold a Hard copy in the Sports@ Gosforth office to enable the Health and Safety Executive immediate access.

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