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Notice to Year 13 students and parents – cancellation of summer exams

23 March 2020

Following the instruction from the Government to close schools and cancel the external summer exams, I wanted to update students and parents who may be concerned about the award of grades this year. It has been announced that grades will be awarded following the normal schedule, but the calculation of these grades will obviously be far from normal. Although we are still awaiting further details, this update sets out what we know so far.

You should note that the exam boards are aiming to award a calculated grade that they will determine. The calculated grade will take into account teachers’ assessment of the likely grade the student may have achieved if exams had gone ahead, as well as other factors such as prior attainment, so students’ final grades will not necessarily reflect their predicted grades. Assessment data collected in school is likely to include NEA scores completed to date, mock exam grades and other assessment data.


The exam regulator, Ofqual, and the exam boards, AQA, OCR, Pearson (formerly Edexcel) and WJEC/Eduqas will be providing schools with further guidance on the practicalities of this process soon, ensuring that the grades are awarded as fairly and robustly as possible in these circumstances. They will be responsible for the moderation process involved following the submission of predicted grades by schools. To clarify, predicted grades provided by schools will not be the only factor determining final grades awarded.


We will update this site in due course when further information is provided. It would also be beneficial to keep checking the Government website, with recent updates coming from the following links:



Universities UK, the main university representative body, have stated that universities will be as flexible as possible with students this year, given these circumstances. They also have further information to draw upon during the admissions process including the UCAS application itself, subsequent assessments and interviews. We hope that businesses offering apprenticeships and employment will be similarly flexible.


You may have already received an update from one or some of the institutions to which you have applied. We would advise all students to take note of the established deadlines given by UCAS Track for replying to offers, and use this time to consider your options in these uncertain times. It is intended that the planned admissions cycle will remain, so deadlines should be met in line with the tutorials delivered to all Year 13 students last week. Copies of the PowerPoint used in this tutorial has been set on Frog as an assignment to all Year 13 students. Your Tutor and Learning Manager will also be available moving forward should you wish to discuss this with them.


Although there will be no further assessments completed this year, we would also advise all Year 13 students to maintain a process of revision of topic areas covered to date and where applicable, completion of outstanding subject content in line with the advice offered by departments last week. This content may well prove useful in the future, and will certainly develop or maintain the independent study skills that are beneficial for students who are leaving school.


Year 12 students should continue to follow the instructions placed on Frog by departments relating to the revision of topic areas covered to date and the completion of forthcoming subject content. Year 12 Mocks are likely be rescheduled to a date when the school has reopened. We hope to be in a position to offer greater clarity on this as soon as possible, but please complete all set work in the meantime.


Peter Snowdon

Director of Post 16

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