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Year 7 & 8 Challenge

19 May 2020

Dear Year 7 and 8,

We hope you are all well and working hard. We need your help with something incredibly important. We talk to you a lot about community and how important our ethos of resilience, industry, curiosity and honour is to making it a happy and hard working one and now we want you to play a more active role in this.

You will remember when you joined the school you spent some time in school and were able to meet a lot of staff and students. Unfortunately, this isn't possible for our new Year 7 starting in September but we still want them to feel welcome and part of our community. This is where we need you!

We would like you to write a letter (no more than one side of an A4 page) welcoming a new Year 7 student to the school. You can include:

· Who you are and what year you are in

· Which primary school you came from

· The RICH ethos

· What school is like in Year 7

· Where you go for help

· What you have enjoyed about school so far

Think about the questions you had when coming to North Gosforth and try and address them in your letter.

You will need to submit your letter through Frog which is an important skill for you to learn. There is guidance on the school website how to do this.

You have until Monday 8th June to submit your letter.

We are counting on you to show what a wonderful community our new Year 7s are joining!

Thank you :-)

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