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Year 11 Update 22/05/2020

22 May 2020

Year 11 Update:

We are currently experiencing a very strange period of time in which you would normally have started the GCSE exam period. Unfortunately this is not the case this year, but we have been clear in our intention to ensure that Year 11 students have had the opportunity to complete all content from these qualifications as this forms the best preparation for the academic challenges that lie ahead.

This is now complete, and attention must now turn to your progression into Sixth Form at Gosforth Academy or to pastures new. I am excited to see the diverse, vibrant community that will return in September. This will include many students who have studied in lower school, but also a significant number who have studied elsewhere. This is what makes Gosforth Academy Sixth Form what it is!

We have recently said goodbye to a hugely talented Year 13, who are currently preparing for their next steps into university, apprenticeships or employment. It is now time for you to focus on preparing for September. We will be providing Bridging Work for all subject areas that will replace our usual provision including the planned Bridging Week. We hope this work will stimulate and challenge you, whilst acting as an opportunity for you to make an informed decision on which choices to make. Entry requirements will still be applied to all students, but work can also demonstrate to students and teachers the suitability of course selection.

We will update you in due course on how to access this work and it will go live from 22nd June 2020. Please ensure that you keep checking the website and the contact details you have provided for further information.

We have offered places in line with our admissions policy. Gosforth Academy students will be contacted for their final progression appointment remotely via Frog. If you are currently at another school and have been offered a place, we will be in touch directly and via these website updates after half term. Please let us know if you have decided to continue your studies elsewhere. We also hold a waiting list for late applications and remain hopeful of being able to offer places to those in this position.

Please get in touch via e-mail if you need help, support or advice and in the meantime, take care to ensure that you and your family are safe and well.

Mr Snowdon
Director of Post-16

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