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Year 12 Update 22/05/2020

22 May 2020

Year 12 Update:

We are currently awaiting guidance from the government with regards the re-opening of schools and planning in line with what we already know. Our priority will be to minimise the risk to students, parents and staff at all times. We will ensure that we give students and parents as much notice of changes in our current provision as is possible. We expect to provide some face to face contact with all students before the summer break. Please keep checking the website for these updates.

All Year 12 students should continue to access the work that has been set on Frog, ensuring that this is completed and organised appropriately for your return to school. Where there are issues with this work, or you have further questions, please continue to get in contact with your teachers. They may already have been in contact with you via your school e-mail address, so please continue to check this as well.

Reports will be produced by departments and sent to parents/students before the summer holiday. Clearly, these will not refer to the performance of students in mocks, but a range of assessment and other information has been collected this year, prior to school closing in March.  We do not expect to be able to hold mock exams before the summer. However, it is our intention that students will be offered the opportunity to demonstrate the progress that they have made since the last set of assessments should they wish to do so. We hope this will be prior to the submission of UCAS applications and would look to ensure that we provide a significant amount of notice prior to any assessments to allow students to prepare fully.

Your Sixth Form Tutor will already have been in contact with you about completing a remote one-to-one as well as the group tutorials that are on Frog. We will be repeating the one-to-one process again after half term, so please respond to this when it arrives. We will also be updating students and parents about the upcoming UCAS season, and the things that you can be doing in the coming weeks and during the summer to prepare for this. There are a number of activities you may like to consider to improve your application profile, as well as preparing the actual application. The tutorial programme will assist you throughout this process.

Your tutor is always available via e-mail if you need help, support or advice. Please get in contact if this is needed and take care to ensure that you and your family are safe and well.

Mr Snowdon
Director of Post-16

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