Special Educational Needs provision within Gosforth Junior High Academy aspires to ensure a love of learning for all, through an environment of support, nurture and trust; giving our pupils the opportunity to be the best they can be in both the classroom environment and beyond. Carefully planned transition is key to helping our pupils with Special Educational Needs feel settled in their learning environment. We arrange additional visits with both parents and their child, small groups of children, and one to one groups for a child and their Teaching Assistant, to ensure that our pupils feel content and prepared for the change in educational setting, either from one of our Feeder Schools to us, or from ourselves to Gosforth Academy.

We achieve this through Quality First Teaching, first and foremost, which inspires and motivates our pupils to reach their full potential, and considers the needs of all. Alongside this, we deliver high quality, targeted interventions; ranging from 1:1, to 1:2, to small group, to 1:10, by teachers and higher level teaching assistants, which allows our pupils to receive precise and targeted support in areas highlighted.

Our Learning Support Assistants enhance the learning of many of our pupils across the school. They encourage and nurture pupils, helping them to make progress in their lessons as well as allowing them to access the curriculum with increasing independence. Over time, they build very strong relationships with our pupils and are a form of support both inside and outside the classroom.

We pride ourselves in having an open door policy with parents and external agencies. The SENCO is always available to speak to parents, if they have any questions or concerns, and will always aim to address them accordingly. Our half termly Coffee Mornings allow parents to gain an insight into school routines and support, as well as chat to key members of staff in a more relaxed environment.

We know that education is not just about what happens in the classroom. We are very proud of the emotional support we provide for our pupils in the Nurture Groups and BU Courses that are run throughout the year; alongside the 1:1 support we offer for our most vulnerable pupils. Pupils thrive under our care.

Pupils work in an environment where making mistakes is celebrated, as, in doing so, we learn. We celebrate success, through the use of the PRAISE Code and also through additional rewards and sticker charts. These rewards are based on personal progress, as we recognise and celebrate, that success comes in many forms and can look different for every student. In doing this, all of our students feel valued and worthwhile as they make the transition to Gosforth Academy.

The impact of the strategies and interventions used are shown through the development of the pupils reading ages, attendance at school as well as departmental data. Through the use of the Key Performance Indicators, we understand that our pupils with a special educational need often perform as well as their peers in their subjects at both key stages, highlighting the impact the strategies are making to their progress.