Year 6

Work for Year 6 pupils to access from home.

Guidance for Oak National Academy (KS2)
The government has launched an online school, Oak National Academy, this week. 
There are many resources available on this website that will complement home school learning at this time and these daily lessons should be your priority when working at home.  Please follow the instructions below to access appropriate lessons.  
Click on the link to Oak National Academy and select 'Online classroom'.  From there click on 'Schedule'.  This will then take you to a page to select your year group.  Once you have selected this, you can easily navigate to the day of the week and lessons you need to do.  Lessons 1-3 are suitable on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Lessons 2-3 are suitable on Monday and Thursday.
Pupils will be receiving either a higher or expected maths Easter pack to support them in their learning.
The aim of these is to give them both arithmetic and reasoning questions each day.  There are also answers for pupils or parents to check and go through any errors.
In addition to this, pupils can also use either or their revision guides to check how to complete any work they are unsure about.  For additional work, Y6 pupils can check MyMaths for any tasks that have been set, work through questions in their workbooks and also attempt independent tasks on MyMaths (using the search function or looking back at previous homeworks).
Please also use this time to improve times table recall as this will be of great benefit.

Students will be receiving an English revision pack to support them in their learning.
The pack contains a comprehension and questions to complete each day. There is also a vocabulary and metaphor challenge for students to work through.
Additionally, students have their workbooks and can complete activities from there. They should also continue to read at home every day and fill in their reading records.
Lastly, please use or for additional English activities.


Thank you for your support.