Gosforth Academy Year 9 Language Options

Gosforth Academy Year 9 Language Options

At Gosforth Academy, your child will study French plus one other language.  A form has been uploaded onto FROG under the title – GA 2nd MFL Option. Please carefully read the four language choices on the form and discuss with your son/daughter which of the four he/she would like to study in Year 9.  You should put 1 for your child’s first choice and 2 for his/her second choice. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee these choices and allocations will depend upon the numbers of staff available to teach each language. Your child should, therefore, give a reason for their first choice to help staff at Gosforth Academy place your child appropriately.

The completed form needs to be uploaded to FROG by Monday 1st June 2020. If we do not receive a form from you then Gosforth Academy will allocate a language for your child, so it is particularly important that we receive this information. 

Thank you for your help with this.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs Carole Davy

Leader of Teaching and Learning for MFL