Year 8 Uniform Information for Gosforth Academy

School Uniform a message to all GA and New Year 9 Intake Students from our uniform suppliers: Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd.

As a result of our forward ordering, back in October/November, the majority of uniforms are already in stock, or in transit, at this time.

Our main challenge is going to be how we physically, get these uniforms into the hands of parents and carers. Fortunately, our team have been working on formulating a way forward, which should address the main issues; we should be able to ensure a smooth and panic-free return to school. Parents are being asked to visit our website to purchase all uniforms this year.

We are making critical enhancements to our website, logistics and purchasing processes in order to provide for the anticipated surge online and we are confident that our offering will be as comprehensive and accessible as possible.

Secondly, (and this is absolutely crucial) it is vital that parents order uniforms much earlier than in previous years, to avoid any potential last minute shortages, as production and supply chains all over the world have been seriously impacted by the virus. Parents may order now in the knowledge that, should their child change sizes, there is no time limit for returns. We have also relaxed our refunds and exchanges policy to give parents peace of mind when they order; and sizing information is being enhanced to provide “experiential guidance.”

Thirdly, New Year 9 students are encouraged to order their uniforms online now as a matter of priority. As soon as the lockdown is lifted, these will be the first orders to be fulfilled providing time for exchanges and certainty over availability.

Parents of Year 8 Pupils – please note – the Year 9 uniform is the RED badge.

Please see below for further information. Please rest assured that we will continue, as a firm, to do everything we can to support our staff, our schools and the communities which we serve and we remain at your service throughout this crisis.