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Curriculum Overview

In Year 9 students continue to take the full range of National Curriculum subjects taught in our feeder schools, and begin the study of a second foreign language.  In the second term of Year 9, students are made a curriculum offer for Key Stage 4, with a core comprising English, Mathematics, Science, PE and PSHCE; they are also able to choose their options at this point.  

The courses offered as options differ according to the pathway that we recommend for each student: some will be offered GCSEs, some will choose from vocational courses, and others will be offered a mix of the two.  The guiding principle behind our pathways curriculum is to enable students to gain the best set of qualifications possible in order to maximise their progression opportunities at 16.

In deciding which pathway is the best for each individual student, we look at assessment data from our feeder schools, our own teachers' assessments, and core subject predictions from both MiDYIS and the Fischer Family Trust.  We also take into account individual students' particular needs such as whether they need extra help with skills such as literacy.

If you would like any additional information please contact Allon Welsh, Director of Curriculum