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Year 9:

In Year 9 students follow an introductory course, including topics of self, family, school and leisure.  They cover basic grammar including present, past and future tenses whilst working across all linguistic skills.  They also study cultural topics relevant to the target language country including festivals such as Christmas and Easter. 


Year 10 & Year 11:

Course Leader: Ms McKenna

Please note: you can only take Italian GCSE if you have studied it in Year 9.

Why learn Italian?

Italian is a major European language and one of the most musical languages spoken in Western Europe.

Italy is a world leader in the commercial fields of fashion, textiles, design and manufacturing. The country has strong trading and cultural links with the UK.

Many British people visit Italy for holidays and short breaks. You can also take part in study visits, studying everything from opera to cooking.

If you study Italian your career prospects will be enhanced, as the number of jobs for which knowledge of Italian is needed is on the increase, for example in travel and tourism, the clothing industry - or football!  Those wishing to specialise in Music, Drama, History  of Art or Fine Arts will find it useful as their courses may include a year spent at a centre in Italy.  Italianists are now more at a premium than ever!


Those who studied Italian in Year 9 will follow the GCSE full course, leading to an examination at the end of Year 11.  Assessment is based on the four skills.  Listening and Reading are assessed by examination in Year 11.  Speaking and Writing are assessed via controlled assessment.  The topics are concerned with everyday life such as Sport and Leisure but also include some more general themes such as Media and Culture.   At the end of the course you will be examined on, amongst other things, your ability to use past, present and future tenses, and to express opinions in Italian. Depending on your progress you may be entered for papers at Foundation or Higher level.

Course content

The course continues building on the structures and topics studied in Year 9.  Many topics are practical and will enable you to cope in real life situations such as buying food and drink and arranging travel.  As you progress you will be able to read longer pieces of writing in the language and understand spoken Italian at normal speed.

Other information

Following on from the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, Italian provides flexibility, choice and scope for personalised learning.  A variety of resources and materials will be used through the medium of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and ICT.  


There are links with schools in Italy which will hopefully lead to an exchange in the near future.