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Media Studies

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Media Studies GCSE - Course Leader: Mr Scott

Course Description

The media is something that is all around us that we usually take for granted.  GCSE Media Studies challenges us to look at the media in a different way, examining how the modern media industry works, analysing and decoding different media texts to consider how meaning is made for us.
During the course you’ll study a wide range of texts, from television programmes and film trailers to social networking sites and magazines.  

There is a strong practical element to the course and you will be offered opportunities to produce your own practical pieces.  The course allows you lots of opportunities to problem-solve individually and to work as a team player with others.

Successful completion of the course could lead students to A levels in Media and/or Film Studies.  It could also provide a good grounding for students wishing to apply for apprenticeships in the advertising, marketing, gaming and audio-visual industries.


The course is split as follows:

UNIT 1 – External Assessment (40%)

Thinking about the media – Investigating

You will answer four questions on the topic of newspapers set by the exam board.  You will analyse an unseen TV news text.  

Thinking about the media – Planning

You will demonstrate your planning and creative skills by completing a series of tasks based on a media industry chosen by the exam board.  Your area of study will be news websites. 

UNIT 2 – Controlled Assessment (60%)

You will complete three controlled assessments.  You will complete two investigations analysing and examining different media texts.  These investigations will be between 400 and 850 words long and are worth 20% of your mark in total.

You will also research an area of the media, producing a practical production based on your research.  This practical production could be a music video, film trailer, pages from a magazine or even a website.  It’s your chance to be really imaginative and creative!  The practical production is worth 40% of your mark in total.

This GCSE will be graded A*-G.