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The PSHE provides students from Year 9-11 through discussion and active participation awareness of personal finance, careers and the world of work, enabling them to plan for their future. Managing risk and taking responsibility are stressed throughout the course to include making healthy informed choices about drugs, alcohol and tobacco and promoting positive relationships.

PSHCE Course Leader: Mr Wood

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education is taught throughout all subjects of the curriculum.  However,  to ensure effective learning we have dedicated PSHCE lessons and enrichment days.

You will be encouraged to take part in the discussion of some important and controversial topics, so you can develop the knowledge and understanding of the big issues that concern our society.  You will learn about the need to make sensible choices for yourself as you grow into adulthood. 

These include:

  • Social Media Awareness
  • Morality (Personal/Collective)    
  • Sex and Relationship Education (including Sexual Health)    
  • Dangers of Pornography
  • Drug Education    
  • Political Awareness/World Issues  
  • Cohesive Communities
  • Crime and Punishment    
  • Financial Awareness    
  • Careers Education

A wide range of external agencies assist in the delivery our programme. There are no formal examinations in PSHCE.  Your participation is acknowledged by certificate of attendance.

IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance)

Throughout the KS4 curriculum awareness is raised about career opportunities within the different subject areas.  From time to time IAG is provided in PSHCE lessons and enrichment days including the annual Careers Convention.

All Year 10 students are currently offered the opportunity to take part in Work Experience.    In Year 11 they have a careers interview with a Connexions Personal Advisor, and the opportunity to apply and be interviewed for a ‘job’ by business ambassadors. We plan to offer these opportunities in 2015-2016.

Citizenship Topics

Citizenship offers you the opportunity to improve your understanding of political and social issues in the local and global community through active engagement with external organisations and a range of activities such as school elections and debating.  Citizenship is delivered across the curriculum and in the dedicated PSHCE lessons and assembly programme.  Gosforth Academy encourages all students to become active citizens in the hope that each student will seek to make a positive contribution to the society they live in.