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Year 9:

During Year 9 students engage in a scholarly study of a) the relationship between science and religion, b) philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God and c) moral philosophy. Topics include creationism, intelligent design, scientific atheism, scientific theism, the cosmological argument, the design argument, utilitarianism, divine command theory and Islamic ethics.


Year 10 & Year 11:

RE GCSE - Course Leader: Ms Whiting

Course Description

During this course you will study the following topics:

Paper 1: Theology

a)     Christian theology and action including:

  • The nature of God
  • Beliefs about creation
  • Beliefs about life after death, including judgement, heaven and hell
  • Prayer, worship, festivals and pilgrimage
  • Christian action in the world e.g. evangelism and charity

b)    Islamic theology and action including:

  • The core beliefs of Sunni and Shi’a Muslims
  • The nature of Allah
  • Belief in angels
  • Beliefs about life after death, including predestination and The Day of Judgement
  • The authority of the prophets and the Qur’an
  • The five pillars, festivals and pilgrimage

Paper 2: Ethics and Philosophy

a)    The existence of God:

  • The cosmological and design arguments and criticisms 
  • The problem of evil and religious defences
  • Miracles and challenges from science
  • The challenges of atheism 

b)    Religion and life:

  • The relationship between science and religion, including creation, deist, scientific theist and atheist views
  • The debates surrounding euthanasia, abortion and animal testing

c)    Religion, peace and justice:

  • Just War Theory
  • Pacifism
  • Terrorism
  • Holy War
  • Jihad
  • Nuclear weapons

d)    Religion, crime and punishment:

  • The aims of punishment, including deterrence, reform and retribution
  • Attitudes to the death penalty 
  • Restorative justice
  • The causes of crime


Assessment is 100% exam, with two papers to sit. Paper 1 is 1 hour 45 minutes, and paper 2 is 1 hour 45 minutes. This GCSE will be graded using the new 9-1 scale.