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Year 11 Subject/course : GCSE HISTORY

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work. If you have not finished the Normans then work will be set here to finish the course
  • Use the learn mode on Quizlet to learn as many of the GCSE revision sets as possible. Aim for three per day. Search for gosforthacademy and remember not to put in a space.
  • Revise using the BBSF revision cards which are available on Frog
  • Use your class notes, and your revision guides to start to make mind maps and flash cards to help you to revise.
  • Use to revise. Three of the four units are available to revise from. Remember that the exam board is AQA. The units available are Conflict and Tension Between East and West 1945-1972, Health and the People and Norman England.
  • There are a number of other very good websites which have some good activities you can lose such as . BBC bitesize has some excellent sections on the Normans and the Cold War (
  • There are a huge number of videos on YouTube which support the GCSE course. America in Colour covers virtually every part of the USA course. The Cold War documentary is a superb series which covers every part of the Conflict and Tension course. To access this search YouTube for ‘Cold War 1/24’ for the first episode all the way up to episode 17. The Normans is covered by the recent three part documentary called ‘The Normans’. Finally there are some excellent videos covering the History of Medicine at BBC teach at