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Year 11 Subject/course : SPANISH

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work
  • Vocab Express (you have your login details)
  • Work your way through both the topic specific and general vocabulary sections. Prioritise the topics that you find the most challenging.
  • Kerboodle(you have your login details) - select the topics from the digital books that you have found the most challenging – revise the vocabulary for that topic from Vocabexpress, Quizlet and from the vocabulary section in the digital book and then attempt the reading and listening activities from the digital book.
  • Revise the key tenses using (no login details required) – Practise the tenses that are causing you the most problems.
  • BBC GCSE Bitesize website – select AQA and complete the topic specific activities as well as the grammar activities.
  • Listening and Reading Practice – Continue to work your way through the Listening and Reading exam questions that you have been given. All of the sound files are on FROG in the Year 11 GCSE folder.
  • Past Papers – Complete the exam papers in the PAST PAPERS MARCH 2020 folder on the S-drive on FROG. Select the correct tiers and correct your work using the mark schemes. Do all corrections and make a note of all problematic vocabulary and learn it.
  • Past Papers – The AQA site contains various Spanish past papers. Select the correct tier (Foundation/Tier) and the desired skill (Listening/Reading/Writing/speaking) Mark schemes are available to check answers. Ensure that you look up, make a note of and learn all problematic vocabulary.