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Year 12 Subject/course : GERMAN 

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work
  • Kerboodle (you have your login details) - select the topics from the digital books that you have found the most challenging – revise the vocabulary for that topic from the vocabulary section in the digital book and from Quizlet and Memorise and then attempt the reading and listening activities from the digital book. Usernames are in the Languages folder on the S drive. If you haven’t changed the password, your password will be the same as your username.
  • Cultural topic – revise for the film using your notes and all teaching resources.
  • Grammar- using Kerboodle and languages on line, revise grammar covered during the course so far.
  • Check school emails for Powerpoints etc from your teachers who will assign tasks and give links to useful language learning sites.