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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL ACCOUNTING

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work set by PAS.
  • You should have access to your two Cox textbooks. You should use these to revise topics covered to date using the notes, worked examples and end of chapter questions:
  • AS and A Level Year 1.
  • A Level Year 2
  • If you have not already, you may like to buy the Question Banks for Year 1 and Year 2 topics.
  • Access some of the online tutorials that are available from providers such as ‘AQA Accounting Videos’, ‘Accounting Lecture’ or ‘profaccounting’.
  • Refer to the past question spreadsheet attached on Frog, targeting the topics that are of particular concern. Past papers and mark schemes are available on Frog or on the AQA website.
  • Use the examiners reports for the most recent (current qualification) past papers as this will identify the questions that proved to be most challenging and the usual errors made.
  • Prior to any future school closure, you should access your Assessment Folder from Room 165 (and all other assessed work) to use in preparation for the final exams. This will identify areas where further revision may be necessary and provide solutions explained in class.