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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL FRENCH

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work
  • Kerboodle (you have your login details) - select the topics from the digital books that you have found the most challenging – revise the vocabulary for that topic from the vocabulary section in the digital book and from Quizlet and then attempt the reading and listening activities from the digital book.
  • On the Kerboodle digi-book, complete the topic of the judicial and penal system in France.
  • Past Papers – The AQA site contains various French past papers. Complete past papers. Mark schemes are available to check answers. Do all corrections and ensure that you look up, make a note of and learn all problematic vocabulary.
  • Cultural topic – revise for the film and novel using your notes and all teaching resources.
  • Grammar- using Kerboodle and language on line, revise the compound tenses
  • Speaking – revise for the speaking exam using the pack given to you by JQT
  • Read French newspapers on line regularly and look for information on the course topics. Annotate any relevant information on the French speaking world.