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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL HISTORY

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work
  • All the powerpoints for the lessons for both sides of the course are on Frog. Please use these resources to ensure that you have notes for all lessons. There are also revision powerpoints for the Britain side of the course
  • Use your Oxford text books to make revision resources such as mind maps and flash cards
  • For the Britain side of the course watch the Andrew Marr documentary ‘The History of Modern Britain’, ‘Downing Street Years’, ‘Heath vs Wilson’ and ‘Harold Wilson Night’. On BBC Iplayer there is also ‘The Secret History of the Troubles’, ‘The Rise and Fall of Blair’, ‘Thatcher: A Very British Revolution’
  • For the Russia side of the course watch ‘The Russian Revolution in Colour’, ‘Stalin inside the terror and ‘Last of the Tsars: Nicholas II and Alexandra’