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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL POLITICS

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work
  • Use the overview topic list drawn from the specification as a checklist to help your revision planning. You have a weekly grid and instructions assigned to you on Frog should you wish to use them.
  • Your textbooks are an essential resource. You will already have been through almost all chapters, making your own notes, but you could do so again; when making notes, focus on the following:
  • 1. Key ideas and concepts. The headings of the chapter sub-sections are useful here, but also the green “Debate” boxes, where points for the two opposing sides of a key question are set out. These could well be the basis of 25-mark questions, so pay close attention to these.
  • 2. Specific names, dates, percentages etc that would be good to use as examples to evidence the points you might want to make. The case studies are useful for this.
  • 3. Political topic-specific vocabulary – these are highlighted and explained in green boxes labelled “key terms” throughout the books.
  • Organise your own notes from lessons by topic. Go through them, using your own preferred revision techniques to make flashcards, condensed notes, mind maps etc.
  • Use the resources on Frog/S: drive (Social Sciences/KS5/Politics/). Here are the original PowerPoints from lessons. If you find it helpful, print them off to highlight etc. There are also many links to internet resources used throughout the course so far; use them as sources where you can find specific details and examples to support your arguments.
  • Look again at your own assessed work, and note the key points in the teacher feedback. Ensure you are clear about what you can do to improve your answers. Remind yourself of what examiners are looking for by re-reading the top band descriptors of the assessment criteria for 9-mark and 25-mark questions – you have these in your folder. There are PowerPoints on Frog on how to answer the different types of question effectively – you have seen these already in lessons.
  • Try planning or writing answers to example exam questions. These are on the final page of each chapter in your textbook. If you find you can answer a question easily, identifying the key points and recalling some good examples to back them up, then you’ve probably revised that topic or area well; if not, it should suggest places that you should revisit. You can check how good your answer would be by looking in the relevant folders on Frog (Social Sciences/KS5/Politics) where the points that would feature in good answers are set out.
  • Start/continue work on your “Which 3?” planning sheets, working out how you would tackle 9-mark questions.
  • Use your Politics Unravelled login (username: PolUnravelled password: student centre number: 15344) to access all sorts of materials e.g the latest updates.