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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL PSYCHOLOGY

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work.
  • A-level past papers can be accessed through Social Sciences- Key stage 5 coursesPsychology- Exam papers and mark schemes. You should concentrate on one topic at a time, mark it then identify weak areas to focus on for revision.
  • Use the ‘A-level checklist’ word document on ‘My set work’ as a basis for your revision, the accompanying PPTs on the S-Drive are organised per topic in the Psychology folder and will help you to create mind maps, flash cards and topic summaries.
  • Using your green and pink revision guides, complete the check it and apply it questions on each double page, then test yourselves on the MCQ’s at the end of every subtopic. There are free apps that you can download to test your psychology knowledge, these are kahoot!, quizlet, psychrevise and 3D brain.