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Year 13 Subject/course : A LEVEL TEXTILES

  • Ensure you log on to Frog regularly and complete all assigned work.
  • Continue to work in your sketchbooks, remember your Assessment Objectives:
  • VISUAL RESEARCH, drawings, photographs, collected images
  • ARTIST RESEARCH – aim to have around 3, anlayse the work and connect it to your own -DEVELOPING IDEAS THROUGH EXPERIMENTING WITH TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS
  • DEVELOPING FINAL PIECE IDEAS AND PLANNING YOUR FINAL PIECE THROUGHLY, colour palette, composition, background. Test these out.  You should be doing an hour of Art each day working through the personalised next steps your teacher will have provided for you.
  • If you need advice you can photograph your work/book, put it in a powerpoint document and upload it to the one drive folder you have received a link for in your school email, you will see a folder with your name.
  • You can contact your teacher through email.