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  • Music on stage

In KS3 students are actively involved in

•             Solo Music Performance

•             Duo Music Performance

•             Group Music Performance

•             Singing

•             Music Composition

•             Music Listening and Analysis

Students study a curriculum containing units of work from  'Musical Contexts'

The course at KS3 offers a variety of musical experiences and disciplines and is a great foundation for KS4 Music courses.

Students will start in year 7 by completing a baseline test from which we go on to study units including:

  • Building Bricks - Exploring the Elements of Music  Element Focus - Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Duration, Texture, Timbre & Sonority, Articulation
  • Folk Music - Exploring Musical arrangements and the instrumentation and scales used in folk Music  Element Focus - Pitch, Melody & Harmony
  • Instruments of the Orchestra - Exploring Timbre  Element Focus - Pitch, Texture, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony
  • Chinese Music - Exploring the Pentatonic scale  Element Focus - Pitch, Texture, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony
  • Ladders - Exploring Scales  Element Focus - Pitch, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony
  • Samba - A study of the Brazilian drummimng style used in Carnival -   Element Focus -Tempo, Dynamics, Duration, Texture
  • Off Beat - Exploring Reggae and Syncopation  Element Focus - Rhythm, Pitch, Texture, Melody & Harmony
  • Soundtracks - Exploring Film Music  Element Focus - Pitch, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form
  • Jazz Improvisation - Exploring improvisation and the Blues  Element Focus - Pitch, Texture, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form

Throughout the course, students are introduced to Musical styles from their own culture, past and present and also those of different cultures from around the world.

They will develop their keyboard/Piano skills to a level where they are able to play using 2 hands together, playing both melodic lines and chordal accompaniments. This will then be developed to be able to play written piano parts with 2 independent lines simultaneously. In addition, students will develop their ability to read music notation throughout the course of study.

Lessons feature a range of activities including:

•             Singing

•             Learning Games

•             Group Performance on a range of instruments and voice

•             Listening and Analysis with written responses.

•             Composition.

•             Drumming

The Music room has a great computer recording set up with Logic pro X software and UAD Apollo audio interface, students performance work is regularly recorded for teacher assessment and also peer/self assessment activities.

In Year 9 students start a foundation year in preparation for a Music BTEC level 2 course, learning skills such as: 

  • Solo Music Performance
  • Group Music Performance 
  • Music technology, Live sound, Recording and Production

Students also explore the Music Industry - Job roles, organisations and working practices.

In years 10 and 11 we offer the BTEC level 2 Music course which offers students ongoing opportunities to develop their Musicianship and performance skills through rehearsing and performing in bands and Solo.

The course consists of  the following core units

Unit 1: The Music Industry

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product 

In addition 2 optional units from the list below are selected for study

Unit 3: Introducing Live Sound 

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance

Unit 6: Introducing Music Recording

Unit 7: Introducing Music Sequencing

Much of the course is assessed through coursework (evidence based) although there is an exam which lasts for 1 hour based on The Music Industry.

In addition to the curriculum the Music department offers students the opportunity to get involved in 2 school concerts each year (one at Christmas and one in the Summer). We also regularly stage musical performances in the community and at venues such as Newcastle City Hall, Whitley Bay Playhouse and The 02 Academy.

Finally we have a fabulous computer based recording studio in the Academy. We regularly work with groups of students from year 7s to year 11s to produce a 'Song of the Week' which is then uploaded to school website; please  listen to our latest work. This gives students not only the opportunity to learn about recording techniques and the recording process but also an insight into Music production and is a great way to develop their performance skills. Additionally students receive a very high quality 'demo' of their work should they need it!