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  • Science Lesson

KS3 science – years 7 and 8

Our Key Stage 3 science course follows the AQA programme of study. There is a logical order of objectives and substantial focus on application of content to provide smooth progress to GCSE. Content is under 10 big idea headings:

Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes. We follow a mastery approach, meaning that students not only need to know the subject material but also be able to apply it across different situations.

Students are expected to be able to plan, solve and analyse in a series of enquiry based activities throughout the course.


Combined Science – Trilogy

Students on this course have a broad balanced curriculum across all 3 sciences. In addition to the fundamental concepts and principles of each topic students learn to apply observational, modelling, and problem solving skills in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

Through opportunities for working scientifically we aim to help students to develop a curiosity about the world we live in and an insight into how science works. There are a series of required practicals which help students to develop essential skills of a scientist and to support them for further study or jobs in STEM subjects. Some of the topics studied are ecology, bioenergetics, chemical changes, forces and waves.

Separate sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students on this pathway gain 3 GCSEs providing a firm foundation for further study in STEM subjects. The skills developed are the same as for the Trilogy course and there are further required practicals. Additional topics studied on this course include the brain, the eye, antibodies, space, fuel cells and spectroscopy. The subjects can be taken at foundation or higher tier, so students can have a bespoke outcome.