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Special Educational Needs

Our SEND provision is driven by a strong commitment to inclusion and delivered in line with our SEN Policy. The policy is reviewed regularly by governors and explains our provision for students who have additional needs.

The small, caring nature of our school is of particular importance in the way we deliver our SEND support - nowhere is our commitment to the wellbeing of the individual child felt more strongly than here at the heart of the academy. Any child who needs support of any kind may call in - we will never turn anyone away and will always try to help, whatever the problem. 

Our own team of learning support assistants deliver learning support in a variety of ways; sometimes in lessons and sometimes in small groups or 1:1. We aim always to help students catch up if they fall behind or to develop skills they are finding it difficult to master.  

We use a range of excellent programmes and strategies to promote learning and work with several other external agencies when we need to bring additional expertise in to help with particular issues.

The Learning Support Department has several teaching areas, including a small group intervention room, but Room 72 is where any student should come if they want to ask for help or feel they need some support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Lindner, our SENCo, if you wish to discuss provision for SEND students at North Gosforth Academy or if you would like to arrange a visit.

SENDIASS provide information, advice and support to young people and parents whose children have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. They support parents, carers and young people on all aspects of the SEND framework to help them play an active and informed role in their child’s education.


Telephone: (0191) 643 8317 | (0191) 643 8313


Emotionally Healthy Schools

As part of our SEND provision North Gosforth Academy has completed an Emotionally Healthy School audit and we are pleased that we came out strongly in most areas.

Mental Health is one of the most important areas in today's education and is something that we take very seriously.

As a result of the audit, we have:

  • Increased the time available for key workers to meet with students;
  • Appointed a mental health champion for the school, Mrs Brigette Elliott, who has been trained in mental health first aid;
  • Increased the focus on mindfulness and relaxation in our tutorial and assembly programme. We have an excellent practitioner (Mrs Jacqui Curtis) who delivers health and wellbeing sessions for students across the school;
  • Included Mental Health Awareness in our Staff CPD programme.  CPD has included training on attachment disorders and mental health first aid. 

We will also be part of the roll out of Kooth which is an online service helping young people with any issues or concerns they may have. Having qualified counsellors, information and advice for our young people to access online is an innovative way to make support more easily available. Available until 10pm each night, 365 days per year, it provides a much needed out of hours service for advice and emotional support.

If you are concerned about the mental health of a student, please contact the academy and we will be able to signpost appropriate services to support the student.