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Business BTEC


What interests should I have if I want to take this course?

Business Level 3 BTEC is a course that is designed to provide students with an experience of a range of business disciplines that could be used in a vocational work-based setting.  An interest in the world of work and possible work experience would be likely interests of those completing this course, as would a preference for the Coursework based assessments used. Students with previous experience of Level 2 Business related BTECs may see this as a natural progression.
This course will give you an excellent understanding of many of the key areas of a business and how it operates.  It will make you more aware of business in general and could be the start of a successful career in the business world.  Who knows, you could be the next Dragon to sit in the Den!
What will I learn about?
The course gives you the opportunity to learn about the key aspects of how a business operates.  During the first year you will learn about a range of key business functions and areas.  These include the business environment, resources within business like the people and the money and the key area of marketing in business.
Unit 1 The Business Environment (studied in Year 12)
In this core unit you will become familiar with the range of different businesses that exist from local, national and international, to sole traders, partnerships and PLCs.  You will learn about how businesses are organised as well as how they are affected by the wide range of different external factors. Your project work will focus on two real but different businesses that operate in different parts of the world and how the global marketplace impacts on them.
Unit 2 Business Resources (studied in Year 12) 
In this core unit you will learn more about the key resources that make any business a success; the human resources, physical resources, technological resources and financial resources.  For Human Resources this will include looking at recruiting and training staff, job descriptions and contracts of employment. Physical resources will look at all the issues relating to buildings, plant and machinery, equipment and insurance. For financial resources the unit focuses on internal and external sources of finance and being able to interpret financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets and using ratios. As before, all of this will be put into context of a real business for the production of your coursework.
Unit 4 Business Communication (studied in Year 12)
Communication is key for any business and this unit will examine how the collection and management of business information is critical for the future of any organisation. You will look at the different types of information that are crucial for business success and then use practical skills to produce some effective corporate communication material. 
You also study the legal and ethical considerations which should be considered when communicating in a business context and also which methods are the most effective in certain situations.
Unit 3 Introduction to Marketing (studied in year 13)
The marketing unit has you investigating the key elements of marketing within a business.  This will mean investigating the purpose of marketing, the different techniques that can be used and some of the key limitations on marketing such as laws and pressure groups.  You will then learn how to use market research techniques and marketing planning tools.  Finally the unit will focus on understanding how and why to target different customer groups and you will finish by creating your own marketing mix for a new product or service.  
In year 13 you will learn the skills needed to communicate effectively in business, conduct meaningful market research and get practical experience in preparing you for your career beyond school. 
Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection in Business (studied in Year 13)
In this practical unit you will be required to design and implement a full recruitment and selection process for a business. Once you have identified the recruitment need in the business and designed the recruitment documentation for them to use, you then need to act in two roles; as an interviewer designing the strategy and conducting the selection process and as the interviewee practicing your interview technique to help you in the future. 
Unit 34  Website Design Strategy (studied in Year 13)
The increasing importance of the internet means that businesses often seek to employ those with experience of website design and people who can practically demonstrate the ability to design and support a businesses online presence. After looking at the purpose of many company websites and understanding why they are structured in particular ways you then work to plan how a business would develop their website strategy.
How will I be assessed?
Every unit of work in a BTEC programme is assessed through a portfolio of evidence that is built up over the course of the year and is internally assessed by your teachers.  This means that are opportunities for you to update and improve your work over the course of the year to best achieve your potential.
What minimum qualifications will I need to start the course?
Grade 4 in English or a Pass in a Level 2 vocational course in the subject area.
What teaching and learning will be used?
A variety of teaching and learning approaches will be used to enable you to be successful in completing the work and producing your portfolio of evidence.  The following are some of the methods used :
  • Working in a team or independently
  • Completing short tasks or more extended projects
  • Visiting local businesses or working with visiting speakers from the local business community
  • Researching businesses through the internet and others sources
  • Work experience
  • Producing and delivering presentations
The staff within the Business & Enterprise Department are always supportive and approachable and will always willingly provide help and guidance throughout your course.
Where can I go on to study at the end of the course?
This qualification is extremely useful as a stepping stone onto university to study Business, Management or similar degrees but is equally useful preparation for business-related employment.  For both directions not just WHAT you learn but HOW you learn will prove invaluable in the future.
How can I find out more information?
If you have any further questions please contact Mr Green or Mrs Darrie in the Business & Enterprise Department.