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Design & Technology

What interests should I have if I want to take this course?

A level Product Design is a course designed for those with a genuine interest in Technology, manufacture and design.  If you are passionate about how things work, how they look and how they impact our lives then Product Design is the right course for you.  And of course if you have good ideas yourself!

What will I learn about?

A level Product Design builds upon and expands the knowledge and skills learned whilst studying GCSE Design Technology.  Four assessment objectives form the basis of the content of the course.  Assessment objective (AO) 1 expects students to identify, investigate and outline design possibilities; AO2 then asks learners to design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose. Students learn to analyse and evaluate in AO3 and are expected to demonstrate and apply knowledge of technical principles in AO4.

What Teaching and Learning methods will be used?

As with the GCSE course there is an emphasis on learning through practical experimentation, development and reflection in order to fulfil the demands of the NEA, which forms 50% of the qualification. When relevant, theory lessons and examination preparation is delivered giving you a varied and thorough experience allowing you to access the remaining 50% of the marks in the written examination.

What can I do when I complete my qualifications?

A-Level Product Design is an ideal stepping stone onto a creative degree course.  Many pupils go on to study a wide range of degrees in areas such as Product Design, Industrial Design, engineering, architecture, web-design, graphics and many more.

How can I find out more information?

Come down to rooms 54 or 59 and speak to Mr Bell or Miss Conway for further advice and information.