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English Language


Advanced level English Language 7702 is a course which looks at the origins, development and world significance of English as a language. 
What interests should I have if I want to take this course?
Students considering English Language as an advanced level choice must have a developed and inquisitive interest in how language is used within historical and social contexts. Areas of study cover such things as how gender, ethnicity or age influence language. Because of this students must be established, confident and creative readers of texts both in and out of the classroom. A high ability to write sustained analytical, evaluative and discursive essays in timed conditions is required due to the nature of examinations. In addition investigative skills are essential for the production of the non-examination assessment module.
What will I learn about?
During advanced level study you will learn how contexts can produce variations within texts. You will study aspects of language such as gender, power or regional or ethnic language identity. Students will also focus upon children’s language development (0-11 years) and language change over the past three centuries.
How will I be assessed?
During advanced level study all of your assessment will occur at the end of the two year course. Although centre assessed work NEA will be completed between the end of Year 12 and the beginning of Year 13. 
Assessment for advanced level English Language involves two examination papers worth 40% each and one piece of Non-examination assessment worth 20%.  
Paper 1  
(2 hour 30 minutes - Language the Individual and Society)
100 marks (40% of advanced level) 
Section A
One question analysing an untaught text (25 marks)
  • Another question analysing an untaught text (25 marks)
  • A third question comparing the two texts (20 marks)
Section B 
Children’s Language Development
  • One question from a choice of two (30 marks)
Paper 2   (2 hour 30 minutes - Language Diversity & Change) 100 marks (40% of advanced level) 

Section A  Language Diversity or Change

  • One evaluation question from a choice of two (30 marks)
Section B Discourses
Language Discourses
  • One question analysing how language is used to present ideas and opinions. (40 marks) 
  • One directed writing task on attitudes to language.  (30 marks)
Non-examination assessment 
(Formerly known as coursework) 
100 Marks. (20% of advanced level)
  • A language investigation (2,000 words)
  • A piece of original writing and commentary (1,500 words)
What Teaching and Learning methods will be used?
A range of teaching and learning approaches will be used. Students will be required to work productively in groups, present ideas to audiences of their peers and write regular short and long responses.
What can I do when I complete my qualifications?
A successfully completed A level course can lead to a variety of degree choices.
How can I find out more information?
AQA have outline materials on their site. The Academy will be able to provide additional detail as it gradually becomes known to them. If you have any questions please contact Mr Thompson.