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English Literature


Advanced Level English Literature 7717 includes the study and analysis of literary texts of different genres, forms and periods

What interests should I have if I want to  take this course?

Students considering English Literature as an advanced level choice will have already studied English Literature as a very challenging GCSE . During this process they will have shown an abiding interest in Literature both in and out of the classroom that has translated into a successful grade. 

What will I learn about?

During Advanced Level study you will learn about Drama, Poetry and Prose. You will cover a range of texts from English Literature, including Shakespeare, as well as more modern British and American writers.

How will I be assessed?

During the two year course you will study a wide body of advanced level English Literature.  Assessment for advanced level English Literature comes from two examinations worth 80% of your grade, and two non-examination assessments (formerly known as coursework) worth 20% of your final grade.

Paper 1   (2 hours 30 minutes - Literary genres)
This paper overlaps with AS study in terms of content.

75 marks (40% of Advanced Level)
Section A 
One question analysing a passage from a Shakespeare play that you have studied (25 marks)

Section B 
An essay question on a Shakespeare set text (25 marks)

Section C 
An essay question linking two set texts, one of which must be written before 1900.  (25 marks)

Paper 2    (2 hours 30 minutes - Texts and Genres)
A study of elements of Crime Writing OR elements of Political Writing.

  • Study of one post-2000 prose text, one poetry, and one further text – one of which must have been written pre-1900

75 marks (40% of Advanced Level)
Section A 
One compulsory question on an unseen passage (25 marks)

Section B  
One essay on a set text (25 marks)

Section C 
One essay question linking two texts (25 marks)

Non-exam assessment (Formerly known as coursework)
Theory and Independence (20% of Advanced Level grade) 

  • You will study one poetry and one prose text informed by the study of the Critical Anthology
  • You be assessed via two essays of between 1250-1500 each

Which Teaching and Learning methods will be used?

A range of teaching and learning approaches will be used. Students will be required to work productively in groups, present ideas to audiences of their peers and write regular short and long responses.

What can I do when I complete my qualifications?

A successfully completed advanced level course would support a university application across a broad range of disciplines.

How can I find out more information?

AQA have extensive online materials on their site. The Academy will be able to provide greater detail as it becomes known to them. If you have any questions please contact Mr Tiernan.