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IT BTEC National


What interests should I have if I want to take this course? 

If you are interested in how IT is used in the outside world and you want to learn about new software applications then you should take this course.  If you are the kind of person who likes to take computers apart and rebuild them to a different specification then you would probably enjoy it.  The BTEC National courses tend to suit those students who are better at producing coursework than sitting exams.
What topics will I learn about?
IT enables students to provide:
  • a broad background of understanding and core knowledge whilst allowing some scope to focus on a particular interest area 
  • a student-centred approach to learning together with the opportunity to apply knowledge of the application of information and communication technology principles in a practical way 
  • the opportunity for centres to forge links with industries 
  • cross-sector themes and approaches so that students can gain an insight into related sectors such as business 
The content of the compulsory and optional units provides students with: 
  • knowledge of the key aspects of Information and Communications Technology 
  • a broad and balanced view of the range of applications and information systems, and an understanding of their capabilities and limitations, and the implications for their use 
  • problem-solving skills through the practical application of information and communications technology 
  • an understanding of the role of people, technology and systems in organisations 
  • an awareness of the economic, social and ethical implications of the use of information technology systems 
How will I be assessed?
For the Subsidiary Diploma you will submit six pieces of coursework.
What minimum qualifications will I need to start the course?
4 in English Language or a Pass from a KS4 ICT qualification eg CIDA.
What teaching and learning will be used?
There will be a variety of learning methods including:
  • researching over the internet
  • practising using a range of software
  • producing reports
  • constructing IT solutions to problems
  • lessons in theoretical aspects
  • demonstrations of practical aspects
Course Structure and Content
The following units are delivered in Year 12 of the BTEC National IT programme.  
Unit 1: Communication and Employability Skills for IT
You will: 
  • Understand the attributes of employees that are valued by employers
  • Understand the principles of effective communication
  • Be able to exploit IT to communicate effectively
  • Be able to identify personal development needs and the ways of addressing them.
  • Unit 2: Computer Systems
You will:
  • Understand the hardware components of computer systems
  • Understand the software components of computer systems
  • Be able to undertake routine computer maintenance 
Unit 30 Computer Graphics
You will:
  • Know about the hardware and software required to work with graphic images
  • Understand the types of graphic images and graphical file formats
  • Be able to use editing tools to edit and manipulate images
  • Be able to create and modify graphic images to meet user requirements
Year 13 Course Content
The following units are delivered in Year 13 of the BTEC National IT programme.  For the Subsidiary Diploma:  
Unit 31: Computer Animation
You will:
  • Understand the origins and types of animation
  • Be able to use software techniques used in animation
  • Be able to plan, create and review an animation using digital methods 
Unit 28: Website Production
You will:
  • Understand web architecture and components
  • Understand the factors that influence website performance
  • Be able to design websites
  • Be able to create websites
Unit 23: Human Computer Interface
You will:
  • Know about the impact of HCI on society, the economy and culture
  • Understand the principles of interface design
  • Be able to design and implement user interfaces