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Art & Design

What interests should I have if I want to take this course?

The Visual Arts Department at Gosforth Academy offers several specialist A levels in Arts subjects. The courses are not just for those who want to be Artists, creativity is an important problem solving skill and design permeates contemporary society. The Arts encourage analysis of our surrounding environment and community and teach valuable life-long skills. The courses are all practical so if you take a course in the Art department you should enjoy making, playing and getting stuck in.

What will I learn about?

During this A level course you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of techniques and materials; you will learn to paint, use a printing press, design on a computer. This course focuses on design you will learn about surface pattern, packaging design, typography alongside the more traditional painting and drawing skills.

In year one you will learn lots of new processes and skills as well as learning about how to develop a successful project. At the end of the year you will begin your Personal Project which will form the basis of your Coursework Portfolio. In the Spring term of year two you will work on your Exam Project, which is again, practical based work.

How will I be assessed?

The Assessment Criteria is the same as GCSE Art Subjects and similar to BTEC Art & Design. You will be expected to research the work of other Artists and Designers, make some visual research, develop your ideas and produce a final outcome. Each of these Assessment Objectives are equally weighted.

There will be regular deadlines throughout the course so that your teachers can assess your work and give you in-depth feedback on how to improve your work.

The coursework unit is worth 60% of the marks and the Exam Unit 40%.

What Teaching and Learning methods will be used?

In year one you will be given set projects that are designed to introduce you to new skills, techniques and ways of working. The work is mostly practical with some written work. You will have at least two Art Teachers who are specialists in their area and you will be given lots of support, access to materials and to space to work. The department is open to sixth form students all day and after school and all staff are regularly on hand to offer guidance and advice.

What can I do when I complete my qualifications?

Every good company realises that creativity and good design are important factors in generating new business. All objects around us are designed by someone with a creative qualification. Many of our students go on to study an Art subject further, such as Graphic Design, Fashion Marketing, Architecture, Photography, Film Production, Games Design, Fine Art Painting, Surface Pattern Design, 3d engineering, Interior Design for example.

How can I find out more information?

Any of the Art teachers will be able to provide you with more information or contact Elinor Eastwood, Leader of Teaching and Learning in Art.