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Stance on A level Reforms - Year 13, 2018 - 2019

Gosforth Academy Sixth Form Response to A level Reform:

The current government has fully reformed AS and A level qualifications, with the aim of making their assessment fully linear rather than modular, and with subject content that the universities feel is an appropriate preparation for Higher Education. 

With the above in mind we have made the decision to start Year 12 students joining Gosforth Academy Sixth Form from September 2017 onwards, on three A levels rather than four. We also plan to remove the redundant AS exam at the end of Year 12 in all subjects except Further Maths. Examined modules in some vocational pathways may still remain. We feel this stance has a number of advantages:

  1. Students will gain three extra periods in each subject whilst completing three rather than four. This will allow for teachers to cover work thoroughly and give students the opportunity to grasp the more difficult content;
  2. Teachers can deliver the topics in a more logical way and in the linear manner in which the specifications were designed;
  3. Study programmes of Gosforth students will be more in line with other schools (we have consulted with many other highly regarded schools who are also adopting the three A level model);
  4. UCAS have advised schools and colleges that the biggest barrier to accessing Higher Education courses is poor grades. We believe students can perform better whilst doing fewer subjects in which they achieve highly, rather than a wider range of subjects in which they are less successful;
  5. There will be less exam pressure for students in the first year allowing them to mature and develop both academically and personally.