Junior Timetable


We look at a variety of techniques including Street dance, Contemporary, Jazz and Musical Theatre. The Little Stars are encouraged to be creative as we go on journeys “Under the Sea”, “To the circus”, take part in “Bear Hunts” and develop early stages of Ballet dance technique in fun imaginative ways.

Classes take place on a Sunday during term time at the times below:

9.00-9.35am  -  Green Little Stars (from age 2.5)                                           

9.35-10.10am  -  Orange Little Stars (from age 2.5)                                         

10.15-11am    -  Stardust  (from age 4)                                                               

10.45-11.35pm  - Groove Stars aged dance class (from age 6)                       

11.45-12.15pm  - Groove Stars and Star Bound together for drama/singing/rehearsals

12.15-1pm   -   Star Bound dance class (from aged 10 plus)                        

All age brackets are approximate and your child will be placed in a group appropriate to age and ability.

Our primary focus is on performance therefore we do not have exams as we prefer to work towards performances.

Please email Jo Roxborough at dancerox14@yahoo.com for information or to book your place.

Trampoline Course (age 8+)
£30.00 / 6 week Course - GAP card £28.00

Gymnastics Course
£30.00 / 6 Week Course  - GAP card £28.00

Rockstars climbing course    
£29.00 / 6 Week Course

*Courses run for 6 weeks and are payable in advance

To book a place for your child please call us on 0191 255 9054


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