Record results – Gosforth Academy is amongst the highest performing academies in the North East.

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Gosforth Federated Academies are dynamic, diverse co-educational and comprehensive schools, demonstrating clear energy and purpose where all students are valued, regardless of their background or ability. 

We aim to encourage high expectations and high standards of achievement, both academic and personal. Our primary focus is to instil a lifelong love of learning, and to encourage all pupils to be confident, hard-working and ambitious. We want to produce aspirational, confident people who are active and reflective contributors to the communities, local and global, to which they belong.

We have over 2200 students with around 600 in our Sixth Form.   In 2008 Ofsted rated us as 'Outstanding', and in 2015 we maintained our 'Outstanding' status. Ofsted said of us, ‘This is a school in which nothing is merely ordinary and much is exemplary’.

Our main areas of excellence are languages, post 16 education, the gifted and talented curriculum, social inclusion, and the development of teaching and learning.

Students transfer from our Junior High and two other middle schools at the end of Year 8. We work very closely with these schools to ensure a coherent KS3 and a smooth transition for students.

Our ethos can be summarised in the words "Create your future!"


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