Staff Contact List

Please download the full Safeguarding and Pastoral Team Structures below.

Gosforth Academy Senior Team

Preit Chahal | Principal

Michael Baxter | Deputy Principal – Resourcing and Teacher Development
Karen Blackburn | Deputy Principal -  Sixth Form
Joanne Lowther | Deputy Principal – Progress and Achievement     
Ruth Marklew | Deputy Principal -  Main School
Gavin Mather | Deputy Principal – Inclusion and Student Experience
Suzanne Pringle | Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning
Peter Snowdon | Deputy Principal – Curriculum


Gosforth Academy Teaching and Pastoral Staff List

Catherine Akhthar | Teacher of Business
Rosie Alamo-Keilty | Head of Year 11 & Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Rachel Alpin | Teacher of Mathematics/Achievement and Progress Leader
Helen Anderson | Teacher of Food Technology
Michael Archbold | Teacher of Science
Georgia Armstrong-Firth | Teacher of Business
Katie Belfield |Teacher of English
Darren Bell | Support Assistant – Special Needs
Jason Bell | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Design Technology
Jonathan Bigg | Teacher of Science
Amy Bonello | Teacher of Geography / Head of Year 13
Lindsay Bradley | Teacher of Business & Head of Year 12
Richard Bradshaw | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 09 (M-U)
Grace Brady | Teacher of Sociology
Jill Bray | Support Assistant L2
Amy Brooks | Teacher of Physical Education
Charlotte Brown | Leader of Teaching and Learning History
Li-Am Carter | CE, IAG Progression Manager
Rachel Cassidy | Deputy Leader of Teaching and Learning in PE, Manager D of E  & Post 16 High Achievers
Nicholas Clark |Teacher of Art
Rebecca Coady | Leader of Teaching and Learning in Learning Support - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator
Lauren Conway | Teacher of Design and Technology
Raymond Cook | Leader of Teaching & Learning in English
Suzanne Dawn | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 10 (M-V)
Natalie Denholm | Teacher of Performing Arts
Nicola Dennison | Teacher of Biology
Sarah Dodd | Teacher of Geography and Assistant SENDCO (Exams Access)
Callum Douglas | Support Assitsant Level 4
Ruth Duffy | Teacher of Physics
Jonathan Duncan | Teacher of English & Head of Year 09
Elinor Eastwood | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Visual Arts
Rebecca Echevarria | Teacher of French & Spanish
Fiona Elder | Support Assistant - Medical Needs
Amy Elliott | Deputy Leader of Teaching & Learning in Mathematics
Elaine Elliott | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Music
Helen Elliott | Teacher of Social Sciences
Luke Elliott | Teacher of Music
Joanna Foster | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Dance & Drama
Lucie Fox | Teacher of Geography and Leader of KS3  Geography
Peter Gault | Teacher of Physical Education
Dylan Gibson | Post 16 Tutor
Louise Gibson | Teacher of Business
Ashley Gillings | Assistant SENDCO (Curriculum Access)
Lauren Glendinning | Teacher of Psychology
Jade Gooden | Teacher of Mathematics
Rebecca Goodwin | Teacher of English
Adam Green | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Business & Enterprise
Angeles Guillen | Teacher of Spanish
Emma Guiney | Teacher of Maths
Lesley Hails | Support Assistant  - Medical Needs
Rachel Harker | HR Manager
Mark Harrison | Teacher and Learning Lead Practitioner/Associate Leader of SSB/Teacher of Business
Sarah Havelock | Deputy Leader of Teaching and Learning in Science
Ryan Hay | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Mathematics
Jonathan Howard | Head of Year 11 & Teacher of Physical Education
Faye Hunter | Curriculum Development Coordinator of Business
Reece Hussain | Deputy Leader of Teaching and Learning in Business 
Billy Ingam | Teacher of Maths
Georgia Irwin | Teacher of History
Sophie Jesman | Teacher of English
Melanie Johnston | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Social Science
Jasminder Kaur | Post 16 Tutor
Gavin Keen | Teacher of History & Head of Year 10 (A-H)
Naomi Kelsey | Achievement Co-ordinator KS4 English
Claire Kent-Capper | Suppport Assistant - Medical Needs
Chris Kerswell | Teacher of ICT
Zainab Khalid | Teacher of Mandarin
Thomas Knight | Teacher of Mathematics
Kerry Lane | Teacher of English & Head of Year 09 (M-U)
Samantha Laycock | Teacher of Mathematics/ Acting Maths Coodinator 
Harry Levison | Post 16 Tutor
Beth Lewins | Teacher of Visual Arts
Ian Limbrick | Post 16 Tutor/ Progression Manager
Christopher Long | Teacher of Mathematics
Sarah Lunn |Teacher of English & Head of Year 10 (M-V) 
Bethan MacGregor | Deputy Leader of Teacher and Learning - English
Shehzana Mamujee | Teacher of English
Samuel Manley | Teacher of Science
William Mansfield | Teacher of Science
Ruth Marklew | Deputy Principal, Main School & Teacher of History
Christopher Martin |Teacher of Italian & French
Victoria McAlpine | Teacher of Visual Arts
Jordan McCartney | Teacher of Business Studies
Yasaman McDonnell | Teacher of Mathematics
Margaret McEwan | Cover Supervisor
Emma McGrory | Teacher of Geography
Amy McKeever | Acting Achievement Coordinator for Literacy & Teacher of English
Claire McKenna | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Spanish and Italian
Patricia McKenna | Support Assistant L2
Kathleen McLaughlin | Teacher of French & Spanish
Suzanne Middleton |  Leader of Teaching & Learning in Information & Communications Technology
Christopher Miller | Teacher of Mathematics
James Mitchell | Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Annie Morgan | Teacher of Psychology
Jasmine Moss | Acting Achievement Coordinator - Science & Teacher 
Isabella Mullins | Teacher of Psychology
Joanne Nath | Teacher of Science
Levi Olver | Support Assistant L2/ Teacher of Geography
Julie Orme | Support Assistant L4/ Teacher of Geography
Monica Patel | Teacher of Science
Lawrence Patton | Rugby Programme Manager and Lead Coach
John Peacock | Teacher of Mathematics
Alison Penman | HLTA
Craig Penman | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 11 (A-H)
Alisha Potts | HLTA
Emma Pringle | Co-ordinator of Teaching & Learning for Post 16 Chemistry
Adam Proctor | Teacher of History
Euan Rae | Post 16 Tutor
Terri Ragan | Post 16 Tutor
Rachel Ramsay | HLTA
Paul Raymond | Teacher of Art
Julie Rayner | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 09 (A-H)
Aaron Ritchie | Teacher of Science
Claudia Robertson | Teacher / Coordinator of Post 16 Physics
Zara Rodger | Teacher of English
Christina Rose | Teacher of Religious Studies
Natalie Rose | Teacher of Science
Hannah Rowntree | Support Assistant L2
Rebecca Rubens | Teacher of Design and Technology
Lynda Russell-Juric | Deputy Leader of Teaching & Learning in Visual Arts
Dean Russell | Post 16 Tutor
Lana Sartorius | Teacher of Psychology
Angelika Schneider | Teacher of German
John Scott | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Media & Film
Jordan Scott | Teacher of English
Habiba Sedky | Support Assistant - Medical Needs
Louis Shelmerdine | Achievement & Progress Leader & Acting Deputy of Teaching and Learnng in Maths
Samuel Sheppard | Teacher of Science
Leigh Shickle | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 10 (A-K)
Thomas Simpson |  Leader of Teaching & Learning in Science
Nicola Smith | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 09 (A-H)
Suzie Smith | Examinations Manager
Angela Soulsby | Deputy Leader of Teaching & Learning in Technology
Joanne Souter | Teacher of Chemistry
Sophia Spiropoulos | Teacher of Mathematics and Learning Manager for Year 13
Rebecca Stafford | Co-ordinator of Teaching and Learning for Post 16 Biology
Alison Stanley | Welfare and Attendance Manager Year 11
Jon Stein | Teacher of History
Nathalie Stefani | Teacher of French
Chloe Sutton | Teacher of English / Support Assistant
Michael Swales | Academic Mentor
Beverley Sword | HLTA
Adrian Tate | Teacher, VLE Coordinator / Associate Leader Enrichment
Sarah Taylor | Attendance and Welfare Officer Year 9 and Year 10
Sean Terry | Teacher of Languages
Darren Thompson | Academic Mentor (English)
John Thompson | Leader of Teaching & Learning in PE
Ruth Thornley | Senior Learning and Pastoral Supervisor for Year 11 (M-V)
Denise Todd | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Geography
Charlotte Tomlinson | Teacher of Art
Jacqueline Turner | Lead Practitioner for the Gifted and Talented
Anthony Veitch | Teacher of Physical Education
Anne Walton | Learning Manager – Post 16 (Additional Support)
Emily Ward | Teacher of Physical Education
Paul Ward | Leader of Teaching and Leanring in French and German
Rhian Watkins | Teacher of Science
Richard Whitaker | Deputy Leader of Teaching & Learning in Social Sciences
Abigail Whiteley | Support Assistant L4
Kate Whiting | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Religious Education
Katy Wiegmann | Teacher of Art
Thomas Wilkinson | Teacher of Geography
Vikki Williams | Support Assistant
Keith Wood | Leader of Teaching & Learning in Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education