Curriculum Overview

The aims of our curriculum are to:

• Provide students with an introduction to the essential knowledge they need, empowering them to be educated and responsible citizens.

• Enable students to retain and apply this essential knowledge
Build upon prior knowledge to maximise the progress made by all students.

• Inspire students to become life-long learners.

• Create a culture of high aspiration through challenging content and therefore pride in achievement.

• Promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students, including fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

• Build students’ character through the promotion of the six virtues we have chosen: courage, integrity, persistence, service, teamwork and empathy, and creativity and pride in your work.

Gosforth Academy Curriculum

• Provide opportunities for developing self-confidence, self-awareness, independence, creativity, respect and resilience in students.

• Promote knowledge and understanding of how students can keep themselves safe and healthy.

• Develop students’ numeracy, literacy and oracy, including the sustained expansion of their vocabulary.

• Prepare students effectively for the next stage in their careers.


Our curriculum remains broad and balanced in Year 9, with students studying the full range of National Curriculum subjects.  In the Spring term the options process begins, with a commitment to getting students on the best curriculum pathway for Key Stage 4. This is always done in conjunction with parents, in the best interests of the student, and with maximising progression opportunities at 16 being the priority. SEND and disadvantaged students have the same opportunities as the rest.  The majority of students choose to continue their studies in our Sixth Form, where we offer an outstanding range of courses.

Subject leaders have a clear rationale for the curriculum they offer, and this can be seen in the introductions to their departmental areas in this website.  They carefully plan the curriculum in their subjects and courses with careful sequencing of content in order to build knowledge and skills.  That content can be seen for each subject in each year of study in their curriculum outlines, which are available to view as downloads; at the end of each curriculum outline is a link to further information provided by the relevant awarding body.

This curriculum is enhanced by additional provision such as our careers programme, our character education programme, our assembly programme and our extra-curricular offer.  These all play a significant part in promoting the personal development of our students.

Further details about our curriculum can be found in our curriculum policy, available on our website, or by contacting the Director of Curriculum.