Character Education at Gosforth Academy

Character Education

Character Education at Gosforth Academy allows all students to develop their moral and social virtues through a bespoke education.

Our Gosforth Charter outlines what we believe are some of the key virtues students need to help them in their development. Our aim is that students will leave Gosforth as resilient and thoughtful individuals who will have the confidence and self-belief to be a success in their chosen field beyond school.

Our Gosforth Charter is made up of six virtues which underpin the personal and academic achievements of the students at our school.

Gosforth Charter:

Courage – overcoming a fear to what you think is right

Creativity – thinking about a situation, task or idea in a new way

Integrity – being strong enough to do what you think is right, even when it is difficult

Persistence – to keep going and never give up, even in tough situations

Service – giving up your own time to help others in need

Teamwork & Empathy – listening to others’ ideas and working to produce the best outcomes

We prioritise the welfare of our students and Character Education is just a small part of the school life which supports our students’ well-being. By giving students the safe space to reflect on situations both academically and socially without any interference, it is hoped students gain more self-confidence to take the ownership of their decisions and give them strategies to reflect.

The following Gosforth Academy Character Education Model highlights the key areas in which staff and students believe are the necessary steps in their moral and social development:


Gosforth Academy Main School Character Education Model

Character Education Diagram

Every year group in Main School has a bespoke programme designed to help them with their social and moral understanding of complex everyday scenarios. Also, the range of volunteering opportunities allows students from different year groups to collaborate and learn skills from each other whilst helping others.

Students are involved with the creation of Character Education, as we feel it is important to ask our students not just what they want to be, but how they want to be. We are always developing our programme and our current pupils are encouraged to consider what they need to help with their social and emotional development, which we feel will prepare them to flourish at school and beyond. The opportunity to continue personal development is available in Post-16 with a range of suited programmes.

We promote a community of responsible, courteous, socially conscious individuals who will hopefully behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others. Opportunities are provided for students to work with local charities. This encourages students to be civic minded; increasing their awareness of the difficulties people may face in society. Their thoughtful efforts are appreciated by the school and charities.

Character Field 1

Character links closely with the PRAISE code and we reward students for displaying any of the virtues, as we recognise that with some of the virtues there is no immediate incentive but it is important that students are made aware of their positive actions.

Our extensive enrichment programme at Gosforth Academy provides all our students with the chance to develop their character outside of the classroom. We encourage students to attend as many extra-curricular activities as possible in the hope they will become more confident and increase their self-belief, which will prepare them for life beyond Gosforth Academy.

Character-Food Bank 1