Curriculum Provision at Sixth form at Gosforth Academy hero

Curriculum Provision

This is a very important decision; indeed, it could be the most important you have yet made. Research course options carefully and take the opportunities offered by the school to find out more. Your GCSE results and other Level 2 results will determine which of the following qualifications you can choose to take. There are three types of qualification offered at Gosforth Academy Sixth Form.

The vast majority of students studying with us in Sixth Form will study three main subjects. We believe in offering a wide range of course options to allow students to design a study programme that matches their interests, talents and preferred progression route. Our breadth of choice is vital in allowing students to achieve highly during their time with us. Whether it is a purely academic programme, one with a vocational emphasis or a blended programme with both academic and vocational options, we will offer the advice that is necessary to make the right choice.

Beginning with Progression Interviews in Year 11, this advice and your own research is key to making the correct decision. Our Bridging Programme will support you by offering the chance to experience Level 3 work prior to your selection and clearly your GCSE grades will influence which choices are possible and most suitable for you to take. We are keen to discuss what we offer and your specific position with students in person at our Enrolment Day(s) in August each year.

The links below outline our curriculum provision, and please use the Prospectus to find out more about course content and specific entry requirements.