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Meet The Team

Students receive outstanding pastoral and educational advice at Gosforth Academy.

A strong system of support and guidance

You will join a tutor group and your personal tutor will take a special interest in your progress and welfare. Your tutor will be a specialist in Post-16 issues, and will help you to manage the transition to a whole new way of learning. 

Your tutor will provide you with the guidance you will need to decide on your future career, both in taught group tutorial sessions and in regular one-to-one interviews. They will also write references for you either for employment or for your university application.

A caring approach to your progress

We use regular assessments and target setting effectively to help you keep track of your progress, and help departments to identify interventions to improve your performance. The first of these will be used to ensure that the courses you have chosen are suitable for you to succeed and progress at the end of Year 13. These reviews are done through assessment of your work and conferences with you and your parents. We will set you target minimum grades early in each of your courses. These are based on your GCSE results and will be the minimum grades you should aim to achieve. We hope that you will try your best and do much better. We will always offer you support if you encounter problems at any time throughout the course. Personal tutors are not teaching staff, but are instead specialists in guidance and progression. This means they are readily available should you have any problems.

Post 16 Pastoral Team