Visual Impairment Additionally Resourced Provision

We are Gosforth Academy VIARP (Visual Impairment Additionally Resourced Provision). We are part of the three VIARPs comprising Regent Farm First School and Gosforth Junior High Academy. The VIARP at Gosforth Academy is a team comprising of one qualified teacher of children with visual impairments (QTVI) and one full time specialist higher level teaching assistant. We work for Newcastle City Council as part of SEND Sensory Services.


We support the inclusion of children with a range of visual impairments in mainstream education. We aim to make each child’s experience of school as inclusive as possible so that they may access all the school has to offer.


The VIARP consists of a designated teaching room used for discrete lessons and examinations. We have a range of up to date specialist equipment designed to support your child and enable their full inclusion. All children in the VIARP have access to a Rehabilitation Officer who will assist with your child’s changing independent living and mobility needs.

POST 16:

We have close links with the local and national providers of post 16 specialist education and ensure effective transition based upon the child’s needs.