Ms Coady

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO)

My role at Gosforth Academy is to ensure that you are supported as well as you can be in your lessons. I ensure that any additional needs are communicated with your teachers, and that you know who you can speak to if any aspects of your learning are worrying you. You will find my office in the Student Support Base.

3 facts about me:

I love to travel. My favourite place so far was India, and I still have a long list of places that I'd like to visit.

I love chocolate, and all things chocolate related. I am also very partial to a Diet Coke.

I have two young children. They are very energetic and full of beans.

Mr Gavin Mather

Student Well-Being Leader

My role in school is to support students who cannot follow their usual timetable for one reason or another. This might be because of a bereavement; where students need 'time-out', or it might be because a student suffers from anxiety or a medical issue. Students can be referred to me for support which lasts a day or I can offer support for much longer periods! I also work alongside some external partner organisations to offer opportunities that enable student success; this might include a work placement or time spent working with our NUFC partners. In my spare time I also teach Geography and Social Studies and I'm one of the schools Safeguarding Leads!

3 facts about me:

I spent 10 years working in the Police before I became a teacher.

I lived in Australia when Sydney hosted the Olympic Games and held the Olympic torch!

I am proud of my Danish roots; my Nana was a proud Dane!

Mr Harrison

Associate Leader

I am an Associate Leader at Gosforth Academy and I work alongside Ms Coady and the rest of the SEND team. I am also a member of the Teaching & Learning Team at Gosforth Academy and a teacher in the Business Studies department.
3 facts about me:

I am a season ticket holder for Newcastle United since I was 8 years old. I have had the same seat in the Gallowgate end since 2009 ans sat in the East Stand before that.

I enjoy playing golf. I am a member at Longhirst Golf Club near Morpeth in Northumberland.

My favourite holiday destination to visit is Las Vegas.

Miss Dodd

Day to day I teach Geography from year 9 to year 13 and I also am an Assistant SENDCO here in the Student Support Base.

My favourite topics to teach are the Tropical Rainforest, the Water Cycle and Rivers - I love to learn about the natural world.

My job in the SSB means I am responsible for sorting out any extra arrangements needed for exams such as extra time or help with reading and writing.

I also teach small reading groups in Year 9 and help SEN students across the school.

You'll find me in room 206 but I also have an office down here in the SSB - room 40

Three facts about me:

I like to spend time outdoors: running, walking, at the beach or in my garden.

I have a fluffy cat called Pablo.

I like to travel - my favourite place is Singapore.

Mrs Gillings

My name is Mrs Gillings and you will find me in the same office as Ms Coady and Miss Dodd in the SSB.

I teach English and Social Studies and you will see me around the SSB helping students out or running the weekly LGBTQ+ lunchtime club.

3 facts you should know about me:

I absolutely love to read - my favourite book of all time is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! I am always excited to talk about the book I am currently reading so if you see me, please ask me what I'm reading! I am also a huge Potter Head so feel free to talk to me about all things Harry Potter related!

I love dogs. All dogs. Big dogs. Small dogs. Hairy dogs. Waggy tail dogs. I love them all. I have a dog called Dolly; she's a brown cockapoo and I will gladly spend lots of time talking to you about how wonderful she is! Got a dog? I want to know about it!

I once met and partied with a very famous rock band... 🤘

Ali Stanley

Job Role: - Welfare and Attendance Officer

My main role is to provide support to students who may find coming into school difficult sometimes. The reasons for this vary from child to child and my job is to help that child overcome those difficulties so that they can come into school happier and more confident. I often meet with students and their teachers and meet with parents / carers too.

3 facts about me:

I have 2 dogs, Willow and Oskar and a cat called Tallulah and have built a fishpond so will have fish too.

I love Harry Potter and was supposed to go to Harry Potter World in March for my Birthday, but it was cancelled ☹ I am still excited about going sometime in the future though!

I went to Australia last year and fell in love with a Koala called Gumnut 😊

Jill Bray

My job as a Learning Support Assistant involves supporting students who need help in lessons, and after school at Homework club. I also jointly run Nurture group and the BU group which you might get invited to! When I am not in lessons you can find me in the Student Support Base.

Three facts about me:

I would love a puppy, either a Labrador or a Golden Retriever.

My hobbies include baking bread and cakes.

My favourite lesson is English as it is so interesting.

Mrs McKenna

My job as an LSA is both challenging and rewarding. I spend time in different classrooms helping students understand the work teachers are setting them. I support in a wide range of subjects and my work can vary from solving maths problems to weighing out cooking ingredients to carrying out science practicals to reading a role in an English play. I never quite know what I am going to be doing but it is all good fun.

In my spare time I look after our 3 horses which can be hard work.
My favourite lesson in school is Spanish and I hope to one day be fluent in it.

If I could live anywhere it would be in Diagon Alley at Harry Potters World in America. It is an amazing place.

Mr Bell

Learning Support Assistant

I work with students across years 9, 10 and 11 to help support them in lessons. It could be working with groups of students or individually in certain subjects.

Three facts about me are:

I love to play football and snooker.

I first visited Newcastle in 2006 before moving here in 2016.

I used to play in a band.

Julie Orme

My name is Julie Orme and I’m a Learning Support Assistant. When I’m not supporting in lessons you can find me in the SSB. I’m very approachable and will always be ready for a chat, should you need to talk to someone.

I love supporting students in lessons and helping them to reach their maximum potential. My favourite lesson is English, particularly Literature, as I love reading and discovering how authors use language to engage their readers.

In my spare time I love to bake and am a huge fan of ‘The Great British Bake Off’. I also like to go on long walks in the countryside, especially in Autumn, as the leaves are turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. I have two grown up sons, one is a primary teacher and one teaches Drama and English in a secondary school in Romania – so I’m now learning to speak Romanian, but very slowly!

Mrs Sword

I help manage the ‘Alternative Curriculum room’ (ACR) which is room 034 in the Student Support Base.
This is where students work if they are unable to access a lesson for some reason for example if someone has a broken bone and can’t do PE lessons.

Three facts about me:

I am married.

I have two grown up sons.

I love going on holidays overseas.

Mrs Penman

Hi, my name is Mrs Penman
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
There are a few things I do to help students. I support in some lessons (especially maths), I am a Key Contact which means some students can have regular meetings with me to chat about how things are going. Before and after school I’m around to help with reading and homework but my main job is to make sure everything is in place for exams and tests for students who need a little bit more help like a computer or extra time.

3 things about me:

I have 2 sons, one of them also works at Gosforth Academy - you might meet him in some lessons!

I love holidays! Whether it’s in a nice hotel or in a tent in a field. My dream is to see the Northern Lights.

I am learning sign language so I can help students who are deaf.

Alison Furness

Hi, I’m Alison Furness and you will find me in the Student Support Base helping with exam arrangements.

On the run up to exams I will be working alongside Mrs Allan-Grant and Mrs Penman making sure you have all you need for your exams. So, you may see me running around catching up with you for a chat to make sure I have the right information.

If you have any worries about exam arrangements, please come along and see me.

3 facts about me:

I love sport and music, so if you are involved in any activity I would love to hear about it.

I like spending time doing my garden

Most of all I'm known in the Base for my love of CHOCOLATE!

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Alisha Potts

I'm Miss Potts and my job is to make sure you get the most out of your education. I support in class for learning and behaviour. I have regular meetings with a number of students to make sure they're doing ok, and I'm available for a chat in the Student Support Base if you ever need it.

3 facts about me:

I have a Staffy called Ronnie.

I love all things Christmas. I'm even guilty of watching Christmas films in July!

I have a degree in Drama and have performed in numerous theatres in Newcastle.

Fiona Elder

My name is Fiona Elder and I’m a Learning Support Assistant. When I’m not supporting in lessons you can find me in the SSB.

3 facts about me:

- I love to juggle, especially passing with other people, as it is so much fun and there are always new tricks to learn. I want to share this fun by setting up a group for Enrichment. Please come along and learn to juggle.

- One of the most exciting but frightening things I have ever done was taking part in aerial street performances for La Fura. Both involved moving through the air hanging from a crane. One was the opening act for SIRF, Prometheus, and the other was hanging over the River Tyne to celebrate the millionth person crossing the line for the Great North Run.

- I ran my own German wheel group, "The Wheel Circus Club" for a year, and still help run the occasional workshops which again is another of my favourite activities to take part in and have rolled along the streets in one for a number of Carnivals!!

Mrs C Kent-Capper

My name is Claire Kent-Capper and I’m a Learning Support Assistant. I really enjoy helping young people get the most out of their education by supporting them in the classroom with their learning, in order to reach their full potential. I regularly check-in with a number of pupils to ensure they’re getting on ok, and I’m available in the Student Support Base if you ever need a chat. I’m very approachable and love to have a bit of friendly banter!

Three facts about me are:
• I love, love, love sea-salted chocolate!
• I used to be a Sportswear Designer and designed clothing ranges for England 3 Lions. In 2006 my company treated me with a trip to Germany for the World Cup, where I received full FA hospitality treatment and dined with FA Managers, Michael Owen’s parents, football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and his partner Nancy Dell’Olio.
• I have a very lively and quick-witted 10 year old boy who is constantly ‘roasting’ me with his humorous mocking and well-timed jokes - and who I absolutely adore!

Miss H Rowntree

My name is Hannah Rowntree. My job as an LSA is to provide support to students at Gosforth Academy. I work in all lesson areas and support groups or individual students. 

3 facts about me: 

I have two children - I am forever proud of them!
I love my French Bulldog, she's called Bubba. 
I am a qualified Early Years Educator. 

Hi, I'm Mrs Sedky.

I'm currently working at Gosforth Academy as an Learning Support Assistant in the Student Support Base. I am enjoying working with small groups and supporting children in lessons. I've been working in schools since 2001 and had many different roles including teaching for 15 years.

Three things about me:

- I enjoy travelling and have lived and visited many countries. I really enjoy trying the local different types of foods from those areas.

- I try to keep fit and active and enjoy going to the gym, walking my dog and going to Zumba classes.

- I really enjoy listening to different types music and dancing.