Tutorials at Gosforth Academy

Tutorial Programme

The Sixth Form Tutorial Programme aims to equip students in all areas of life, supporting and promoting positive mental and physical wellbeing, whilst also ensuring preparation for any chosen progression route.

We have three core aspects to our Tutorial Programme – progression, academic skills and wellbeing.

Progression and wellbeing are central to our programme, as we believe these ensure that students have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their future, whilst also being equipped with the skills needed to be able to support themselves independently. The academic aspect is included to supplement subject based learning and aid the transition into Sixth Form and future study.

Tutorials at Gosforth Academy

Through these three areas, we aim to encourage students to become  responsible, respectful and educated citizens, who reflect the wider values of our school through the service, empathy and integrity which  they display. 

Each tutorial is carefully planned to ensure that the session includes a range of engaging activities, which meet the needs of all students. We maintain a strong focus on enabling high levels of  student discussion,  in a safe and supportive environment.