Character Education at Gosforth Academy

Character Education

All aspects of the enrichment programme at Gosforth Academy provide an opportunity for students to develop their character.

Character at Gosforth Academy includes all explicit and implicit educational activities that help students to develop positive moral attributes, sometimes known as ‘virtues’. Sport, leadership, and volunteering opportunities empower student to practice these virtues. 

As staff and students we endeavour for our work to be characterised by the following: 

Courage – overcoming a fear to what you think is right 

Creativity – thinking about a situation, task or idea in a new way 

Integrity – being strong enough to do what you think is right, even when it is difficult 

Persistence – to keep going and never give up, even in tough situations 

Service – giving up your own time to help others in need 

Teamwork & Empathy – listening to others’ ideas and working to produce the best outcomes

At Gosforth Academy we strive to cultivate good character. Our aim is that students will leave Gosforth as resilient and thoughtful individuals who will have the confidence and self-belief to be a success in their chosen field beyond school. 

Internal and external volunteering opportunities such as an annual ‘food bank appeal’ and becoming Character Models for Main School pupils (giving guidance and advice based on their own experiences at school) are provided for Post-16 students to demonstrate virtues, partake in social action, and feel connected to their school and wider community.  

Students at Gosforth Academy are encouraged to consider who they are and how they treat each other; this supports high expectations of behavior and high standards of achievement, both academically and personally.

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