Results day 2019

A level students to be awarded Centre Assessed grade or calculated grade (whichever is highest)

Date Published:
Monday 17 August 2020

We are delighted to announce that, after much angst and stress, the Government have now agreed to award students their Centre Assessed Grades or Calculated Grades (whichever is highest) at A level, AS level and GCSE:


The statement from Roger Taylor, Chair of Ofqual is below:


The Government have decided that those students who studied vocational subjects will keep the grade calculated last Thursday unless the school decide to appeal any grades. We are currently looking into the data to see if there are any grounds for appeal:


We are naturally delighted for those students who this will affect as nearly 300 entries will be upgraded and rightly so. We now believe that the results students have been awarded will be realistic, free from bias, standardised, evidence based and accurately represent their performance over their time studying the course.


Rest assured staff will be working extremely hard tonight and tomorrow to get the centre assessed grades out to students via their school email address. We would really appreciate it if students/parents did not contact the school by email or phone during this period. We are sorry to ask this but we’d like to concentrate on getting these grades out as soon as possible and prioritise those students who do not have a confirmed progression route.


I hope this news will now bring some relief to many of you. The Government have also removed the cap on all UK universities so they have the ability to welcome more students and expand the number of available places.


Once again, we are immensely proud of the way all of our students have handled this situation and wish them all the very best in the future.

All Staff at Gosforth Academy